Welcome to our Partnership Programme. Where even little things can turn into big, big savings.

5 Star - 12% Discount | 4 Star - 10% Discount | 3 Star - 8% Discount | 2 Star - 6% Discount | 1 Star - 4% Discount

We believe in treating our customers like the stars they are. So here’s a new way of showing our appreciation: extra savings every time you buy on your account.

As you can see, there are five target levels, with the opportunity to earn a significant 12% discount in the 5 Star level.

Shop. Save money. Repeat. Save more.

Every time you buy something, whether big or small, whatever you spend will be added to your Partnership Programme summary. You’ll start the year with a discount level based on your previous spending. Then, every month, we’ll check your account and let you know your current level, your projected level based on your current spending patterns, how much you’ve saved so far and if you go up a level (you can also find this information any time you log into your web account). At the end of the calendar year, if you’ve moved up one or more levels, we’ll give you a rebate calculated on the extra discount you earned. You’ll get this rebate in the form of a reward voucher which you can redeem online at our checkout.

So to turn even little things into big, big savings, just keep on purchasing your education supplies with us.

If you’d like to know how we can help you maximise your discount (and, of course, your savings), just get in touch with your account manager or phone our Contact Centre who’ll put you in touch with them.

How our Partnership Programme works

  • Spend will be counted for all invoiced transactions including spend on Everyday Everythings, less any credits, from invoices dated 1st January 2019 onwards (excluding VAT)
  • You’ll remain on that level for the duration of the first year (discount effective from 1st February 2019 – 31st December 2019)
  • Your discount level will be applied to all products, apart from those flagged as 'Exempt from discount' once added to your basket, or marked with a ♦ in the Consortium catalogue
  • You can earn reward vouchers for all spend over your initial qualifying level
  • The reward vouchers will be paid at the end of the first year in the form of money-off vouchers
  • Reward vouchers can only be redeemed against products listed in the Consortium catalogue
  • Reward vouchers are only valid for the period stated on the reward voucher. Reward vouchers hold no other value than that stated for the period shown. Reward vouchers are void past their stated period of validation.
  • From 1st January 2020, you’ll start on a level for which your combined spend (across all Consortium trading accounts linked to your establishment) throughout the previous year qualifies you

Reward Vouchers

  • If your spend during the qualifying period equates to a higher discount level than you’re currently on, you’ll qualify for a form of reward voucher. The value of the reward voucher will be determined by your starting level and the level for which your spend would have qualified you. For example, if you started on the 1 Star level with 4% discount, but your spend from 1st January 2019 to 31st December 2019 would have qualified you for the 4 star level with 10% discount, a rebate of 6% of your total spend for the year (the difference between the finish point and your starting point) would be paid to you in the form of reward vouchers
  • You’ll also start the next year on your qualified discount. In the above example, this would be 10% from 1st January 2020
  • Vouchers earned in a year from 1st January to 31st December 2019 will be sent to all qualifying customers in January 2020. For example, if the spend from 1st January 2019 to 31st December 2019 qualifies for a reward voucher, the voucher will be sent out in January 2020
  • If the spend decreases in the qualifying period, the following year’s level will correspond to the spend that has occurred in the qualifying period and no reward voucher will be earned

Terms and Conditions

  • The new Consortium loyalty scheme, Partnership Programme, comes into existence on 1st January 2019, although the discount is applicable from 1st February 2019
  • The scheme is for schools only: Primary, Secondary, Full-Age, and Special schools, in both the Public and Private sector
  • The scheme replaces all other commercial agreements with the exception of the Scotland Excel framework, Northern Ireland Library Board contracts, Welsh commercial agreements, and the Dorset County Council Education Supplies contract
  • There are 6 levels:
    • Standard pricing
    • 1 star
    • 2 stars
    • 3 stars
    • 4 stars
    • 5 stars
  • The initial level is allocated based on your combined spend with Consortium and West Mercia Supplies, between 1st November 2017 and 31st October 2018, when compared to available school resources budgets
  • Spend is on all trading accounts under one establishment. For example, a school with multiple delivery accounts (delivery points) will be combined to give the overall school spend
  • The level will be set on your account to commence 1st February 2019 and run to 21st December 2019