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Quick Order Form

Using the quick order form is a quick and simple way of building an order by product code.


Method 1 | Enter Individual Product Code(s)

Enter the product code and the product information will auto-populate. Adjust the quantity then add to your basket.


Method 2 | Enter Multiple Product Codes

Enter multiple product codes, separated by commas, and press add to list. Once the order list has been generated you can adjust the quantity.


Method 3 | Add From File

Upload one or more .csv files containing your product codes and quantities, file needs to contain columns headed "SKU" and "QTY" respectively.
As many of our product codes start with a 0 please format the sku column as plain text.

Your order list

Enter multiple product codes

Use commas to separate product codes

Add from file

File must be in .csv format and include "SKU" and "QTY" columns
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