10mm Square

  • Jelutong Square Section Wood

    • Length: 600mm• Available in 4 diameters • Sold as pack of 10 or 100

  • Square Wood Pack

    170-piece mixed wood pack, each 600mm long.Contains:110 Jelutong pieces:• 30 x 8mm • 50 x 10mm• 10 x 12mm• 20 x 6mm60 Softwood pieces:• 20 x 8mm • 40 x 10mm

  • Neutral Mosaic Squares

    Pre-cut paper mosaic squares in lovely neutral tones. Ideal for collage and creative projects.• Pack of 5,000: Size 25mm• Pack of 10,00: Size 10mm

  • Slate Chalk Board

    …natural slate with a wooden frame these chalk boards can be used as an alternative "historical" implement to encourage children to write and draw.• Double sided; blank on one side and marked out in 10mm squares on the reverse• Size: 180mm x 260mm• Available singly or as a pack of 25

  • Eco Loose Parts

    …years+•Pack of 120•Set includes: 2 squares and 2 circle boards, 6 rectangular, 2 sizes pieces made from bamboo. 50 wooden discs. 60 wood pulp cylinders in two sizes•Size: Circle - 300mm diameter, 10mm thick. Square – 300mm x300mm, 10mm thick. Large Cylinder - 150mm height, 420mm…

  • Holographic Mosaics

    Bumper pack of assorted coloured holographic square mosaics. Fantastic resource for all your collage, decorative and festival activities.• Sizes: 10mm and 25mm• Pack of 4000

  • Base Ten Group Set

    …visualise numbers when learning basic addition, subtraction as well as multiplication and division in 10s. Each block is marked in centimetre squares to highlight how each unit relates to it. Includes: • 4 x 100mm³ red blocks • 30 x 100mm² blue flats• 50 x 100mm green rods• 100 x 10mm³ yellow cubes

  • Mosaic Paper Pieces

    Bumper pack of multi-coloured pre-cut squares, a must for gluing and sticking activities. Children will love them. Bright, colourful and lots of fun!Size: Standard 10mm² and jumbo 25mm²

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