6 Pack Metallic Paint

  • Scola Metallic Paint

    An extremely high quality bright water-based metallic paint which produces outstanding effects.• Colours: 2 x Gold and Silver, 1 x Bronze and Copper• 300ml bottles• Pack of 6

  • Metallic Acrylic Paint

    Good quality water-based liquid acrylic paint with a creamy consistency.• Colours: 2 each of silver, gold and copper• 175ml bottles • Pack of 6

  • Consortium Fabric Paint Bottles

    …side for 3-4 mins on a hot iron.• Metallic pack: Gold, Pearl, Copper, Bronze, Pink and Blue• Fluorescent pack: Red, Yellow, Green, Orange, Pink and Blue• Assorted colours pack: White, Back, Yellow, Red, Blue, Green• 300ml bottles• Available in 4 single colours or packs of 6

  • Montana Gold Spray Paint

    …orange• Metallic colours: gold, silver, copper, matt gold, matt silver, varnish gloss• Effect colours: granite light grey and black, marble white and black, crackle white and black• Each set is supplied with a free set of assorted spray caps• 400ml cans• Pack of 6• NB: face…

  • Consortium Fabric Paint Pots

    …side for 3-4 mins on a hot iron setting.• Assorted pack: white, black, ultramarine, scarlet, emerald green and lemon• Metallic and Fluorescent pack: metallic gold, metallic silver, fluorescent lemon, fluorescent orange, fluorescent pink and fluorescent green• 65ml pots• Pack of 6

  • Glascol Glass Paint

    Specially designed for use on glass, metal, foil, clear plastics and acetate sheets. The Artform paint (code 006145) can be used for the `Lead Effect' outline. Colours are lightfast and fully inter-mixable and can be diluted with water.• Please note - Glascol is NOT water washable •…

  • Consortium Poster Paper Border Rolls

    …models, floor games etc. Can be painted or coloured for extra decorative effects.• Deep Colour Pack: 1 each of Lemon, Leaf Green, Ultramarine Blue, Fire Orange, Scarlet and Black• Metallic Pack: 2 each of Gold and Silver• Pastel Colour Pack: 1 each of Sky Blue, Pale Green, Lilac…

  • Staedtler Coloured Pigment Liners

    Versatile pigment liners, perfect for sketching, illustrating and technical drawing as the ink will not penetrate the paper. The metal clad tip produces waterproof lines which can be painted over with watercolour paint.• 0.5mm line width• Assorted vibrant colours• Pack of 6

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