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  • Consortium Assorted Bumper Box of Card

    …of colours and card that is over 150gsm. The contents of each pack will vary in colour and card thickness. The image shown is just for illustration purposes and the colour scheme may differ completely from the one shown in the picture.• A4 Cardboard Box 300mm(l) x 213mm(w) x 248mm(h)• A3

  • Bright Thin Card

    • 230 micron• Assorted colours: bright blue, red, bright green, daffodil orange and daffodil Yellow• Pack of 100 sheets - 20 of each colour

  • A3 Coloured Paper 80gsm

    High specification paper guaranteed for double-sided copying, laser and inkjet printing and fax machines.• Range of 4 colours• A3: 297mm(w) x 420mm(l)• 80gsm• Ream of 500 sheets

  • Colour Changing Light Panels

    A slimline light panel, available in 2 sizes, with colour changing feature. This resource is ideal for illuminating activities. Explore the colour changing features with 8 different options, and 3 different brightness settings. Available in A2 and A3. Mains operated. Age: 3 years+.

  • A3 Plastic Zip Wallets

    Transparent with contrasting colour zip detail.• A3: 485mm x 340mm• Pack of 25 single colours or pack of 100 assorted colours• Assorted colours pack: 25 each of yellow, green, red and blue

  • Recycled Assorted Colour Card

    • Available in assorted colour packs• Size: A3

  • A3 Paper Storage Unit

    These A3 storage tray units are perfect for storing A3 papers and cards or loose art room resources.• Supplied complete with Gratnells A3 Trays in colours shown• Beech• Tray size: 455mm(w) x 477m(d) x 82mm(h)• Unit size: 493mm(d) x 789mm(h)• Width: 16 tray 970mm(w), 8 tray…

  • A4 Pastel Coloured Mini Whiteboards

    …assorted pack of A4 pastel coloured whiteboards, ideal as a learning resource to support pupils with special needs/dyslexia.• A4• Cream on one side, with the reverse a pastel colour• Available in plain and a 3 lined board (landscape)• Pastel colours: cream-green, cream-pink,…

  • A3 French Posters Set 1

    A set of 6 appealing glossy A3 posters illustrating basic French vocabulary. Topics: Colours and Shapes, Alphabet, Numbers, Days of the Week, Months of the Year, Useful Vocabulary.• Set of 6

  • Show-me® Tell-a-Story A3 Drywipe Boards

    …creative writing with the brightly coloured assortment of pens that comes with the set.• A3 whiteboards with six different picture boxes with story lines underneath • Boards are plain on the reverse for other activities • Classpack of 25 contains: 25 A3 tell-a-story boards, 25 mini…

  • Show-me® Magnetic Framed Boards

    …such as A3 are great for creating mind maps, enabling pupils to work together or separately to develop their ideas and draft their plans.• High quality drywipe surface on both sides• Magnetic both sides with printed gridlines on one side, plain on reverse• Heavy duty coloured frame…

  • Gratnells A3 Trays

    A3 paper tray allows for more flexibility when storing larger paper or other items. Ideal to play with water and sand in the warmest months also.• Made from extra strong polypropylene• Size: 453mm(w) x 478mm(d) x 82mm(d)• Sold singly, pack of 4 contains 4 trays of different colours:

  • Consortium Sugar Paper Remnant Packs

    …pack filled with colourful sugar paper ideal for a variety of art, craft and display projects. Colour, collage, paint, cut and fold to create and make. Sizes, weights and colours will vary.• Supplied in a sturdy cardboard box• Each pack contains a good mix of colours and papers •…

  • A3 Learning Board Set

    A set of 4 outdoor boards which show colours, numbers, basic shapes and letters. Printed on 3mm foamex. Supplied with pre-drilled holes with fixings, ready for mounting. • Size: A3, 297mm(w) x 420mm(h)• Set of 4

  • School Carrier Bags pk25

    …for providing protection for lightweight items.• Clear resealable strips• Writing area for name and class• Available in A4 and A3 size • 240 micron (2 x 120) polythene material• Red coloured press seal strip and punched handle• Pack of 25• Contents not included

  • Aristo Cartridge Paper

    Market leading drawing cartridge paper suitable for pencil, coloured pencil, calligraphy, technical pens, charcoal, pastels, air brush and oil pastels. The white sheets are uncoated with high opacity providing an excellent all round paper which is very robust.

  • Consortium Cartridge Paper

    Cartridge paper is suitable for working with a wide range of mediums including, sketching pencils, coloured pens and crayons, charcoals, pastels and oil pastels. • 130gsm or 150gsm• Available in a variety of sizes

  • Writing Slope With Bookstand

    …to allow children to work at the optimal angle to maintain good posture. The slope is set at the recommended angle of 20 degrees and has rubber grips on the bottom to prevent the slope from moving on the desk.• Made from plastic• Available in singular coloured packs or a multi-pack of five

  • Rapesco A3 Pastel Popper Wallets

    Durable popper wallets. Foldover flap with a colour co-ordinated press stud closure to keep contents safe and secure. Pen holder cut-out under the curved flap.• A3• Assorted pack 5 contains: 1 each of blue, pink, yellow, green and clear

  • A3 French Posters Set 4

    A set of 6 colourful glossy posters illustrating basic French vocabulary. Topics: Food, Drink, Wild Animals, School Subjects, Musical Instruments, Transport. • Set of 6

  • Super Slim Rectangular Light Panel

    …light provides a stimulating base for children to explore the properties of materials and light. Trace to learn shapes and letters or explore colours and patterns.• Promotes sensory exploration• Supplied with a 12V mains adaptor and lead• Available in two sizes• Age: 3 years…

  • Heavy Duty Zip Wallets

    Clear PVC zip bags reinforced with white mesh.• Extremely durable bags with a sturdy zip• Available in 4 sizes - A5+, A4, A3 and a pencil case size• Assorted colour zips - red, blue, green, yellow and black• Pack of 5

  • Pastel Thin Card

    • 230 micron• Assorted colours: celestial blue, pink, jade, cream vellum and sunlight yellow• Pack of 100 sheets, 20 of each colour

  • Retro Thin Card

    • 230 micron• Assorted colours: ocean green, violet, tangerine, dark grey and raspberry• Pack of 100 sheets, 20 of each colour

  • Design Thin Card

    • 230 micron• Assorted colours: lilac, salmon, maize, lime green and marine blue• Pack of 100 sheets, 20 of each colour

  • Bright Thin Card

    • 230 micron• Size: A4 - 297mm x 210mm• Assorted colours: bright blue, red, bright green, daffodil orange and daffodil yellow• Pack of 100 sheets - 20 of each colour

  • Ultra Bright LED Light Panels

    …and versatile cross-curricular resource. Providing a cool, clean, bright illuminated background they are ideal for the investigation of light, colour and shape, or for focused group work in a wide range of curriculum areas. Slimline design with rounded edges, our light panels are tough, portable…

  • Medium Thick Card - Single Colours

    Packs of single colours.• Available in packs of 50 and 100 sheets

  • Consortium Bright Sugar Paper

    An excellent value for money pack in bright, vivid colours.• 100% Recycled• 100gsm• Pack of 250 sheets002553 002554

  • Consortium Poster Paper Sheets - Assorted Packs

    High quality poster paper assortment in sheet form.• 85gsm• Assorted colours: chocolate brown, lemon yellow, sky blue, leaf green, turquoise, orange, ultra blue, black, scarlet and pale green

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