A4 Card Assorted

  • Kaleidocraft Card

    card ideal for model making, mounting, montage, mobiles, greetings cards, etc.• Semi-rigid, medium thick card white on reverse side• 330 micron• Assorted colours: 10 each of buttercup, scarlet, leaf green, ultra blue, sky blue, silver grey, black, silver, gold and white• Size: A4

  • Consortium A4 Coloured Copier Card

    …heavyweight card guaranteed for use on mono, colour laser and inkjet printers, copiers and fax machines. Ideal for eye-catching posters, notices and presentation covers. • A4: 210mm(w) x 297mm(l)• 160gsm• Available in a choice of single colours or an assorted pack• Assorted pack:…

  • Bright Thin Card

    • 230 micron• Size: A4 - 297mm x 210mm• Assorted colours: bright blue, red, bright green, daffodil orange and daffodil yellow• Pack of 100 sheets - 20 of each colour

  • Consortium A4 Pastel Copier Card

    Coloured heavyweight card guaranteed for use on mono, colour laser and inkjet printers, copiers and fax machines. Ideal for eye-catching posters, notices and presentation covers.• A4: 210mm(w) x 297mm(l)• 160gsm• Assorted pack: 50 each of cream, yellow, pink, blue and green• Ream…

  • Consortium Assorted Bumper Box of Card

    …contains a good mix of colours and card that is over 150gsm. The contents of each pack will vary in colour and card thickness. The image shown is just for illustration purposes and the colour scheme may differ completely from the one shown in the picture.• A4 Cardboard Box 300mm(l) x 213mm(w) x…

  • Consortium Thin Art Card

    Fantastic value thin card, ideal for many art and craft activities including card making. • Assorted pack colours: Bright Orange, Bright Red, Bright Green, Dusky Pink, Blue, Green, Yellow, Sky Blue, Pink and Gold• 230 micron

  • Assorted Colour Card Pack

    A fantastic pack of coloured, fluorescent and metallic card in different sizes and thicknesses.• 230 and 380 micron• Size: SRA2, A4 and metallic card in A3 and A4• Pack of 104 sheets

  • Brite Recycled Card - Assorted Colours

    Assorted colours• 230 micron• Size: A4• Pack of 200 sheets

  • Foil Card Assorted Pack

    • Metallic colours: Gold, Silver, Red, Green and Blue• Size: 1x A3, 2 x A4, 2 x A5 in each colour• 370 micron• Pack of 25 sheets

  • Black & White Card - Assorted Sizes & Thicknesses

    Pack contains:• SRA2 - 450mm x 640mm; 10 x 230 micron, 10 x 350 micron, 5 x 750 micron• A3 - 297mm x 420mm; 10 x 230 micron, 10 x 350 micron, 5 x 750 micron• A4 - 210mm x 297mm; 20 x 230 micron, 20 x 350 micron, 10 x 750 micron• Pack of 100 sheets in total

  • Bumper Metallic Textured Card Assortment

    …selection of metallic card with a fabulous mixture of colours, surface patterns, textures and effects. Mirror, holographic glitter and embossed designs are all included. An ideal resource to make hanging displays and mobiles.• Assorted colours and designs• Size: A4 - 210mm x 297mm•…

  • Black & White Card Packs - Assorted Sizes & Thicknesses

    …1 x 750 micron• A3 - 297mm x 420mm; white; 10 x 230 micron, 10 x 350 micron, 1 x 750 micron• A4 - 210mm x 297mm; black; 20 x 230 micron, 20 x 350 micron, 20 x 750 micron• A4 - 210mm x 297mm; white; 20 x 230 micron, 20 x 350 micron, 20 x 750 micron• Pack of 204 sheets in total

  • Holographic Card

    A super assortment of holographic card in different colours. Ideal for card-making or adding a new dimension to craft projects.• 350 micron• Assorted colours• Size: A4• Pack of 10 sheets

  • Heavyweight Thick Card

    • Strong, rigid board• Assorted pack colours: 10 sheets each of Yellow, Blue, Green, Buff and Red

  • Neutral Card

    An essential classroom pack of A3/A4 card sheets in assorted neutral tones. From soft creams through to dramatic greys, rich browns and black. Ideal for backing, framing, mounting.• Pack contains: 25 x A3 assorted sheets and 25 x A4 assorted sheets

  • Pearlescent Card

    This beautiful pearlescent card can be used for card making as well as collage work.• 330 micron• 10 assorted colours• Size: A4 - 210mm x 297mm• Pack of 50 sheets

  • Glitter Card

    A versatile pack of glitter card, perfect for all your creative and decorative projects.• 2 sheets each of 15 assorted colours• 280 micron• Size: A4 - 210mm x 297mm• Pack of 30 sheets

  • A4 Manilla Dividers

    Quality heavyweight board in assorted colours.• 230gsm card• A4, Euro-punched 11 holes• 5 part is a box of 50• 10 part is a box of 25• 12 and 20 part sold in individual sets

  • Earth and Stone Card

    Ideal for mask making, collage work, etc.• Colours: 10 assorted earth and stone colours• 280 micron• Pack of 100 sheets

  • Embossed Metallic Card

    An exciting assortment of matt and gloss metallic cards with embossed designs. Great for adding design and dimension to craft activities.• Assorted Colours • Size: A4 210mm x 297mm• Pack of 20

  • Thin Card - Intensive Colours

    …thin board with a matt finish. Ideal for a variety of applications including card making and collage. This board is thin, highly flexible, easy to fold and cut with a superb smooth surface.• Intensive assorted colours: Light Blue Vivid, Light Green Vivid, Light Orange Vivid, Red Vivid, Yellow…

  • A4 Pukka Refill Pads

    Assorted Pukka refill pads available in 3 stylish metallic colours - metallic silver, metallic pink and metallic blue. • A4• 80gsm high quality white writing paper• 8mm ruling, margins, 4 hole punched• High quality assorted card covers in metallic design - unpunched

  • Bulk Pack of Paper and Card

    …of A4+ bright mounts in 10 assorted colours (120gsm)• 200 sheets of A4+ pastels mounts in 10 assorted colours (120gsm)• 100 sheets of A2 activity paper in 10 assorted colours (80gsm)• 20 sheets of SRA2 vivid card in 10 assorted colours (210gsm)• 6 sheets of SRA2 foil card in 6…

  • Medium Thick Card - Mixed Pastel Colours

    • 350 micron• Assorted Colours: 20 sheets each of Celestial Blue, Pink, Jade, Cream Vellum and Sunlight Yellow • Size: A4 - 210mm x 297mm• Pack of 100 sheets

  • Rapesco A4 Wallet Box File

    …with push-lock clasp closure and welded sides to keep contents safe and secure.• 40mm capacity• Index/card holder on spine• Business card holder on front for personalisation• Assorted pack of 5• Assorted colours: 1 each of purple, light blue, red, dark blue and dark green

  • Rapesco A4 2-Ring 25mm Ring Binder

    A4 textured, transparent coloured polypropylene ring binder.• High quality 2 ring mechanism, 25mm capacity• Removable full length wrap around spine label, 40mm spine• Internal pocket including business card holder• Choice of clear and assorted packs• Assorted pack colours: 2…

  • Bulk Paper Pack

    An essential bulk pack for every classroom. This pack contains:• 500 sheets x A2 newsprint paper• 250 sheets x A2 sugar paper, assorted colours• 250 sheets x A4 sugar paper, assorted colours• 100 sheets x A4 assorted card• 100 sheets x A4 white card

  • Rapesco Bright A4+ Popper Wallet with ID Card Holder

    Durable polypropylene files in assorted bright colours. Foldover flap with colour co-ordinated press stud closure to keep contents safe and secure. Pen holder cut-out under curved flap and an index/business card holder for personalisation.• A4+• Pack of 5 includes light blue, dark blue,…

  • Stained Glass Leaves

    …these fantastic stained glass leaves. Stick onto a window, door, use on a light panel or stand in front of battery tea lights to make their stained glass effect really glow.• Set includes 30 card leaf cutouts and 15 assorted A4 vellum sheets• Size: 250mm x 140mm approx.• Pack of 30

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