A4 Pack Black Card

  • Black and White Recycled Card

    Black and white recycled card suitable for a wide range of craft projects including collage and model making. • Available in packs of 20, 50 and 100 sheets

  • Rothmill Vivid Card

    Bright, flexible board with a superb smooth surface. Ideal for a variety of applications.• Colours: arabian blue, deep cerise, provencal orange, charcoal black, spring green, indigo, aquamarine, crimson, emerald and harvest yellow• A4 Pack of 200, SRA2 pack of 100• 280 micron

  • Black & White Card - Assorted Sizes & Thicknesses

    Useful packs of card for a wide range of art and craft activities.Pack contains:• SRA2 - 450mm x 640mm; 10 x 230 micron, 10 x 350 micron, 5 x 750 micron• A3 - 297mm x 420mm; 10 x 230 micron, 10 x 350 micron, 5 x 750 micron• A4 - 210mm x 297mm; 20 x 230 micron, 20 x 350 micron, 10 x…

  • Black & White Card Packs - Assorted Sizes & Thicknesses

    …1 x 750 micron• A3 - 297mm x 420mm; white; 10 x 230 micron, 10 x 350 micron, 1 x 750 micron• A4 - 210mm x 297mm; black; 20 x 230 micron, 20 x 350 micron, 20 x 750 micron• A4 - 210mm x 297mm; white; 20 x 230 micron, 20 x 350 micron, 20 x 750 micron• Pack of 204 sheets in total

  • Neutral Card

    An essential classroom pack of A3/A4 card sheets in assorted neutral tones. From soft creams through to dramatic greys, rich browns and black. Ideal for backing, framing, mounting.• Pack contains: 25 x A3 assorted sheets and 25 x A4 assorted sheets

  • Festive Card Pack

    …festive period. Wonderful for greetings cards, festive collages and decorations.Pack contains:• 20 x 350 micron foil boards; 4 each of silver, gold, red, green and blue• 80 x 230 micron boards; 20 each of black, emerald green, red and white• Size: A4 - 210mm x 297mm• Pack of 100

  • Jungle Fun Card

    Ideal for mask making, collage work, etc.• Colours: dark green, leaf green, emerald green, tiger orange, panther black, brown, elephant grey and lion yellow• 280 micron • Pack of 50 sheets

  • Pisces Stapled Sketchbooks Black

    …spiral bound book. British made and manufactured paper finished with a thick card cover for extra durability.• British made and manufactured• Highest grade British paper• Toothy surface texture• Black• 32 Pages• Paperback• Portrait• 120gsm• Pack of 100

  • Bulk Pack of Paper and Card

    …sheets of A4+ pastels mounts in 10 assorted colours (120gsm)• 100 sheets of A2 activity paper in 10 assorted colours (80gsm)• 20 sheets of SRA2 vivid card in 10 assorted colours (210gsm)• 6 sheets of SRA2 foil card in 6 assorted colours (270gsm)• 4 sheets of SRA2 black thick card

  • Recycled Card Bright Colours

    • Colours A4 and SRA2 packs: red, orange, light green, cream, light blue, gold, green, yellow, pink and blue• Colours A1+ pack: gold yellow, light green, purple, light blue, blue, green, light yellow, pink, cerise and black

  • Consortium A4 Sketchbooks

    Draw, paint, stick and design using these excellent value sketchbooks. These books are ideal for students getting used to exploring a range of art mediums.• Black card cover• 100gsm cartridge paper • A4• 48 pages• Pack of 50

  • Primary Screen Printing Set

    …the notes and materials teachers can be confident of achieving core curriculum requirements.• Contains: 1 x set notes, 3 x A4 hinged screen frames, 3 x squeegees, 10 x sheets stencil card, 5 x 300ml screen printing watercolour in black, white, brilliant red, brilliant blue and brilliant yellow

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