A4 Plain Books

  • Choice A4 80 Page Exercise Books

    Plain cover, pastel colours• 225gsm cover• 75gsm white paper• Available in 25, 50 and 100• Overprinting is not available on this range

  • A4 48 Page Exercise Books

    A4, 297mm x 210mm• 125gsm manilla cover, dark green• 75gsm paper, plain, no ruling• Stapled on long side • Box of 100

  • Choice A4 64 Page Exercise Books

    The new range of Choice exercise books, offering great quality, no frills and good value to help stretch your budgets further.• Plain cover, pastel colours• 225gsm manila cover with 3 staples on long side• 75gsm white paper with red margin and blue feint• Available in packs of 25, 50 and 100•…

  • A4 48 Page Tinted Paper Exercise Books

    …range of tinted paper exercise books specially designed for children with visual stress who find it difficult to read/write on white paper.• 225gsm plain blue cover, 80gsm tinted pages• Available in 3 page formats and two paper colours; cream and blue• A4, 297mm x 210mm• Pack of…

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