Active World

  • Active World Alphabet Sorting Mat

    This plastic mat fits into the Active World trays and is designed to be used with messy materials. Simply wipe clean and roll for storage. Features upper and lower case letters with corresponding images to match the phonemes. Age: 10 months+.• Size: 860mm(dia.)• Made of plastic

  • Active World Adjustable Stand

    …this adjustable stand, designed to fit an Active World Tray.The stand can be set at 4 different heights: 20cm, 30cm, 40cm and 50cm, ideal for different age children and different activities. Easy to assemble, or disassemble to pack away. Active World Trays are not included, but are available…

  • Active World Arctic Mat

    A detailed mat with an Arctic theme, perfect to fit in the active world tray. Move between reindeer, polar bears and their young and watch out for the whales. Use ice cubes, snow, glitter, white gravel and glow rocks to really set the scene. Age: 10 months+.• Size: 860mm(dia.)• Made of plastic

  • Wooden Active World Stand

    Outdoor wooden stand for an Active World Tray. Attractive alternative to a metal stand, with a natural, rustic finish. Complete with shelf, handy for locating resources whilst in use.• Made from wood• Size: 750mm(h) x 550mm(w) x 550mm(l)

  • Active World Trays

    The Active World trays are ideal for indoor and outdoor activities and is perfect for sand and water play or creating 'small world' environments. Eight sided to encourage group play. The stand is adjustable to help children self access from different heights. Age: 3 years+.• Available in 3…

  • Active World Fairytale Mat

    A beautifully designed fairy tale themed mat, perfect for use in the Active World Tray. Why not try adding small world characters to this delightful scene? Use wet and dry materials for an exciting multi sensory approach. Engage children’s imagination whilst learning about fairy tales. Age: 10…

  • Active World Artificial Grass Mat

    Ideal for both in or outdoors use, these artificial grass mats really do look like the real thing! Comfortable for little bottoms to sit upon these mats feature a realistic looking mix of both green and brown tufts. Age: 3 years+.• Size: 860mm(dia.)

  • Active World Number Mat

    A waterproof number mat, designed to fit the Active World Tray. The mat is designed to bring a multi-sensory approach to numeracy. It has been designed to bring extra appeal to number activities. Sprinkle the mat with soap suds, spaghetti, jelly, etc., as you swirl your hands around to find the…

  • Active World Mirror Mat

    Safe, silver mirrored foil sized to fit inside an Active World Tray. Ideal for studying reflection, looking at symmetry and small world play. Age: 10 months+.• Size: 860mm(dia.)• Made of plastic

  • Active World Lunar Mat

    …is another addition to the Active World experience. Take a rocket to the moon, moon walk with the astronauts, explore the craters and drive the moon buggies! Why not try adding our Glitter Glow Rocks to the mat, or maybe some small world astronauts to enrich small world play. Age: 10 months+.•…

  • Active World Farmyard Mat

    A large farmyard mat to fit snuggly in to an Active World Tray. Use this play mat with materials from the 'real world' or to emulate a farmyard environment. Why not feed the chickens, pick apples or drive the tractor. Add small world animals and found materials to really make imaginations soar. Age:…

  • Active World Woodland Mat

    …detailed woodland themed mat, perfect for use with the Active World Tray. Creep through the woodland and discover plants, animals, insects and birds in their natural habitats. Why not try using Pea Gravel and stones for lots of small world wet and dry sensory play. Age: 10 months+.• Size:…

  • Active World Transport Mat

    …mat that helps focus road safety advice. Use wet and dry materials on this waterproof mat for a multi-sensory scene. Designed to fit the Active World Tray. A world of transport to keep busy cyclists, pilots, sailors etc. entertained. Travel along the busy roads stopping off for fuel. Catch a train…

  • Active World Dinosaur Mat

    A beautifully detailed dinosaur themed mat to fit in to an Active World Tray. The mat is designed for wet or dry play. Why not fill with sand or other messy play materials and create a prehistoric land. Walk with the dinosaurs, see the erupting volcano and watch the eggs hatch but be careful where…

  • Active World Jungle Mat

    A beautifully illustrated, jungle theme mat. Imaginations will soar as children create their own adventures, using the mat as a habitat. Add coloured sawdust, sand, stones, etc., and animal models for a totally wild experience. Age: 10 months+.• Size: 860mm(dia.)• Made of plastic

  • Adjustable Active World Stand for Wheelchairs

    …or outside.Together with an Active World Tray can be used for all manner of different activities including messy play, mud kitchens, planting and being creative. Easy to dismantle. Trays are available separately.• Taller and wider than the standard Active World Stand.• 4 height increments,…

  • BIG DEAL Transport Active World Tray Play Set

    Children will enjoy this transport active world tray play set including mini vehicles and traffic signs.• Transport Themed Active World Tray Insert size: 860mm(dia.)• Traffic signs set of 14, size: 60mm(h)• Set of 5 mini wooden vehicles (police car, fire engine, bus, lorry and digger)

  • Bee-Bot® World Bundle

    A set of 4 Bee-bot World Mats with associated activity Tins. Included is the Countryside, Transport and Industry, Our community and Seaside Bee-Bot Mats and Activity Tins.

  • Map of the World Rug

    Durable short pile rug, perfect for an active geography lesson. Clear cartography and bright colours gives this map a distinctive and easy-to-use look. It includes all 7 continents and labels for the 5 oceans, perfect for KS1. The rug also has country boundaries, prime meridian, equator, tropics and…

  • BIG DEAL Small World Dinosaur Excavation Kit

    Set up a small world dinosaur excavation environment in a tray.Kit includes:• 1 x 12kg bag of natural sand• 1 x dinosaur bones (set of 12)• 1 x fossils (set of 8)• 1 x dinosaurs (tub of 32)• 1 x brushes (set of 10)• 1 x green activity tray

  • Small World Little Lands Polar

    …the engraved detail and natural colours. This wonderful collection of durable stone pieces is perfect for taking small world outdoors. Ideal for use in sand, water, mud and other messy play activities.• New Product 2022 • Age: 12-18 months • Dimensions: H61mm • Pack Size: 8

  • Small World Little Lands Farm

    …small hands, they will enhance small world play and inspire lots of talk and imaginative stories. This collection of durable stones make the perfect addition to outdoor small world play as they can be used in mud, water, sand and other messy play activities.• New Product 2022 • Age: 12-18…

  • Small World Little Lands Woodland

    …colours. An enchanting collection of eight woodland friends, perfect for immersive small world play. This wonderful collection is made from a stone mix, meaning it is suitable for outdoor messy play activities.• New Product 2022 • Age: 12-18 months • Dimensions: H61mm • Pack…

  • Small World Under The Sea Kit

    …of products. Create a sea bed using sand or water and let the children play with small world creatures.Kit includes:• 1 x 5kg bag of blue sand• 1 x bag of large shells• 1 x tub of marine creatures (32 pieces)• 1 x set of sea creatures (56 pieces)• 1 x yellow activity tray

  • BIG DEAL Small World Under The Sea Kit

    …Create a sea bed using sand or water and let the children play with small world creatures.Kit includes:• 1 x 5kg bag of blue sand• 1 x bag of large shells• 1 x tub of marine creatures (tub of 32)• 1 x set of under the sea counters (tub of 72)• 1 x yellow activity tray

  • Play Tray Activity Table

    …play and learning possibilities are endless with the Play Tray Activity Table. The sturdy and robust stand features a removable tray which has an easy clean surface. A versatile product, this unit is ideal for messy play, small world and much more.• Made using premium quality Scandinavian Redwood•…

  • Activity Discovery Globe

    This activity discovery globe is a fun way to get into Geography. The globe ball sits atop a circular base which allows it to be lifted off and viewed from any angle. The activity globe is rich in physical colouring, showing yellow deserts and green forests as well as hundreds of illustrations of…

  • TTS Eco Activity Stacking Cones 20pk

    …learning possibilities. Suitable for ages 10 months and up. From stacking, threading and sorting, to using in physical development activities, small world and construction play, you really can do so much with them. What will you create? Specifically designed for breadth of use and in subtle,…

  • Little Tin of Coronavirus Worries Activity Cards

    …openly to children and young people about all the fears, worries and anxieties concerning this worldwide disaster which has radically changed the world they knew.This invaluable resource pack of discussion cards will provide an excellent opportunity to address the changes they have experienced, to…

  • TTS Radiant Activity Stacking Cones 20pk

    …projector. Add torches underneath and see the colours pop like lanterns. Use for threading. They can be draped with voiles or turned into small world landscapes. We found that the younger children were fascinated by lining them up, stacking and nesting, particularly if that was schematic interest.…

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