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  • Addition and Subtraction Shapes

    Two sets, each of 24 pieces featuring addition and subtraction respectively.• Each set gives 36 selected examples and their answers

  • Wooden Writing Boards

    Try mark making on these natural surfaces. A lovely addition to literacy and numeracy, ideal for outdoor writing. These natural writing boards are a lovely yet different approach to recording and creativity. Use with a write on/wipe off pen (water based) and clean with a cloth. Each board has a hole…

  • 0-20 Maths Counter Packs

    …of practical maths work. We’re sure you’ll think of your own exciting uses too.Symbols included: more than, less than, equal, not equal, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division.• Use for independent or teacher-led tasks• Whole class resource• Storage solution included•…

  • Wooden Counting Frame to 20

    Ideal for children to demonstrate their knowledge of addition and subtraction. 20 beads alternate between 2 colours (red/white) every five beads.•Size: 240mm(l)• Sold singly

  • Maths Mastery Sets

    …number facts, giving children the opportunity to build their confidence and speed of recall before moving on to the next set.• Available Sets: Addition, Subtraction, Early Multiplication, Multiplication, Early Division, Division and Partitioning Numbers• Domino size: 80mm(l) x 40mm(h)

  • Addition Level 1 Chute Cards

    Use this pack of cards to help students learn by heart the addition facts from 0+1 to 9+9. Students will quickly recognise an improvement in their ability to recall facts with greater speed.

  • Addition & Subtraction Puzzles

    Reinforce basic subtraction and addition skills with these beautifully made wooden puzzles, hand cut in the UK. The set includes 10 puzzles, with 3 pieces each, that illustrate a simple calculation in both pictures and numbers. Complete the puzzle to solve the sum. Age: 3 years+.• Set of…

  • Multiplication and Addition Shapes

    Set 1 is commutative addition and Set 2 is commutative multiplication. Both sets demonstrate and consolidate the commutative concept when adding or multiplying numbers. In each case, the like properties on the triangular shapes can be linked to form a chain, a random pattern or to complete a 24…

  • Addition Level 2 Chute Cards

    Learning addition facts from 10+ to 19+ is made easy with these chute cards. Frequent use will improve instant recall.

  • Savvy Cards Sets

    …questions from the stack and checking answers on the colourful reverse. The winner is the first to get five cards of the same colour. Choose from 2 different levels: Addition and Subtraction to 20, and Addition and Subtraction with 2 digit numbers.• 70 Maths Cards• Size: 60mm x 60mm x 60mm

  • Role Play Hat

    A builders hat is a great addition to your dressing up box. Age: 3 years+.• Sold singly• One size fits all

  • Jump Trainer

    A useful addition to your circuit training, height adjustable from 100mm to 400mm.Contains:• 2 x cones • 2 x supports• 1 x jump pole

  • First-Play® Jumping Sacks

    These heavy duty canvas sacks with grab handles are the ideal addition for sports days, developing children's balance and movement skills.• Available in 4 colours• Sold singly

  • Back to Nature™ Alphabet Caterpillar Carpet

    This highly colourful caterpillar shaped placement carpet is great for reading areas or just a bright addition to the classroom or nursery environment.• Size: 3000mm(w) x 2000mm(d)

  • Wooden Scenery Set

    This collection of wooden characters shows a variety of trees and hedges. With seasonal details and the addition of gorgeous woodland creatures, this set makes a great addition to any small world selection. Age: 3 years+.• Heights vary from 38mm-130mm• Pack of 10

  • Kitt Whiteboard & Pens Pack

    …and for capturing crystal clear images, Kitt whiteboards and dry wipe pens are a perfect addition to Kitt in your classroom. Wipe clean and with various useful templates this classroom set is a fantastic addition to the Kitt range.• 12 Dry-Wipe Whiteboards • 12 Dry-Wipe Pens• Create…

  • Bug Pots

    Children will find these transparent bug pots a useful addition to their study of nature. The magnifying lids with measuring grid can be used to observe their findings.• Size: 50mm(w) x 40mm(h)• Pack of 10

  • Sorting Dishes

    Colourful dishes to complement any sorting activity and will also be a useful addition to art and craft activities as dipping dishes for sponge painting.• Content not included• Colours may vary• Pack of 6

  • Half Moon Tambourine

    A great addition to your classroom percussion collection, this half moon tambourine has a solid construction and moulded grip making it ideal for children. • Durable ABS plastic• Double row of 8 jingles• Colours may vary• Sold singly

  • Buddy Benches

    These benches are a perfect addition to any playground and will help encourage friendship building and sharing. Mini size: 1000mm(l) x 300mm(w) x 550mm(h)Standard size: 1200mm(l) x 450mm(w) x 760mm(h)

  • Assorted Metal Scoops

    A set of nesting scoops that can be incorporated into lots of different learning opportunities. A lovely addition to messy play activities, children will enjoy scooping counters, stones, sand, etc. Age: 10 months+.• Made from metal• Pack of 4

  • Skimming Stars

    Add interest to ordinary bean bag activities with these soft, lightweight stars. Use for developing throwing and catching with younger children, or as a new addition to sports day and PE activities. Handy carry/storage bag included.• Pack of 60

  • Whiteboard Table

    A practical teaching tool, this whiteboard table is a great addition to the classroom. • Height adjustable legs• Hardwearing• Scratch resistant • Spray PU Edge • Supplied flat packed• Dimensions: 1520mm(w) x 1215mm(d) x 400mm(h)•Height adjustable 400mm - 640mm

  • Waterproof Clothing

    This waterproof clothing is a useful addition to the outdoor classroom and allows children to experience all weather play.Made from 100% waterproof material with tape welded seams to provide extra protection.• Blue

  • Dry Wipe Number Fact Boards

    Engage your children and build number fact fluency with these dry wipe boards. These familiar double sided boards are perfectly suited to focus on addition and subtraction on one side and multiplication and division on the reverse.• Pack of 5

  • Two Colour Counters

    A versatile manipulative, ideal for exploring concepts of number. These double-sided counters are an easy way to teach addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, fractions, place value and algebra.• Made from plastic• Pack of 200• Size: 25mm(dia.)

  • Spanish Grammar Poster Set

    This set of four posters illustrates regular verb endings, including common and irregular verbs, question words and common prepositions, a great addition to any Spanish-teaching classroom. • Set of four posters

  • Combined Balance Kit

    …scales and are supplied with lids. Included with the kit are a set of 20 weighted numbers to teach logic, addition and subtraction.Includes:• Set of 20 weighted numbers to teach logic, addition and subtraction• 60 clearly marked stackable weights (1g x 20, 5g x 20 and 10g x 20)• 100 x…

  • Bumper Maths Games Kit

    …Measures Bingo • Number Bingo • Percentages, Decimals and Fractions Bingo • Money Bingo • Counting Buzzle • Addition 1-10 Buzzle • Addition 1-20 Buzzle • Subtraction 1-10 Buzzle • Subtraction 11-20 Buzzle • Multiplication 2, 3, 4, 5 and 10 Buzzle •…

  • Sift and Find Number Shells

    …scoop. These unique shells, printed with numbers 1-20, are a fun way to reinforce early maths concepts such as counting, number recognition, addition and more. Age: 3 years+.• Supplied in a storage bucket• Bucket size: 170mm• Sifter and guide included• Set of 20 number shells

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