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  • Agility Get Set Go Kit

    A great pack to help stimulate children's balance and coordination skills. Kit contains:• 5 balance beams • 2 small bricks• 4 large bricks• 6 brick connectors

  • XLR8 Quickness and Agility Pro Kit

    The kit helps older pupils improve their quickness and agility. Contains:• 6 x 15cm XLR8 hurdles• 6 x 12cm XLR8 hurdles• 1 x 8m XLR8 coloured ladder• 25 x spacemarkers• 1 x mesh storage sack

  • Albion Coaching Pack

    The Albion Coaching pack helps improve multiple skills, including ball control, passing and agility. Contents of the kit are ideal for developing skills, this includes speed ladders for improved foot speed, space markers and pop up cones for marking training areas and hurdles to work on the…

  • Adjustable Agility Hurdles

    Heavy-duty PVC agility hurdles, ideal for improving co-ordination.• Adjustable to two heights: 152mm and 305mm• Easy snap locking mechanism• Sold singly

  • Speed/Agility Ladders

    Fast feet, agility and co-ordination will all improve with this device. • High intensity training both indoors and outdoors• Rungs are linked together with durable nylon webbing• Ladders are extendable• Available with flat or round rungs• Length: 4m• Sold singly

  • Reflex Health Trek Fitness Trail

    …to your play area.With a variety of challenges, this trail is ideal to offer both as a play installation for great fun, and as a challenging agility builder for your pupils.Product Content: • Scramble net log climber• 6 Leap frogs• Pathfinder traverse wall• Chicane• Tyre Twister• Tightrope…

  • Niels Larsen Five Piece Agiltiy Set

    A 5 piece set of linking equipment and trestles to enhance key gymnastics skills. Contains:• 2 x table 760mm and 910mm high• 1 x timber slide 1830mm long• 1 x timber storming plank 2130mm long• 1 x linking timber balance beam 2130mm long • Balance beam can also be used as a…

  • Gym Time Apparatus

    All of the Gym Time apparatus in the packs are also available to buy individually so you can create your own layouts or add to the packs for more agility options.• Sold singly

  • Continental Agility Boxes

    These lacquered timber agility boxes are complete with non-marking rubber feet and carrying handles. Provides an all purpose, useful agility box for a wide variety of activities.• Available in 2 sizes: small and large• Small: 600mm(w) x 600mm(d) x 300mm(h)• Large: 600mm(w) x 600mm(d)…

  • Outdoor Adventure Agility Trail

    …of extended posts and undulating step log heights offers a more complex challenge to younger children.Part of the exclusive trim trail range, the Agility Trail is more challenging.It also asks more of the children as they must take decisions about alternative routes and types of balance.• Wood•…

  • Niels Larsen Agility Tables

    Niels Larsen agility tables provide a range of options for use with linking and bridging apparatus. Constructed from powder coated steel frames with colour coded upholstered platforms.• Available in 6 heights• Sold singly or in a value set of 4 consisting of 300mm, 460mm, 610mm and 760mm…

  • The Consortium Agility Mats

    These mats are versatile and hard wearing. Constructed using 6lb density chip foam with flame retardant PVC coated fabric bonded to the top and sides together with a nylon mesh reinforced latex anti-slip base. Ideal for rolling and tumbling movements. • Available in 4 sizes• Available in 3…

  • Playground Agility Climbing Trail

    Assault course full of lots of fun and varied challenges.Develop a range of skills including grip, balance and speed while encouraging physical exercise and inclusive play at lunchtimes.Minimum Space: 22m x 3.8m. Free Fall Height: only 0.60m. Please note the price is fully inclusive of delivery and…

  • Training Speed and Agility Hurdles

    Fast feet and knee lifts are required to undertake a flight of these hurdles. The distance can be set to suit your training objectives. • Available in 2 sizes• Sold singly

  • Outdoor Balance and Agility Trail

    The Balance Trail is a perfect introduction for children developing balance and co-ordination.Encourage cognitive development with a focus on co-ordination. Will require an area approx 7.7 x 3.6m.This is the essential resource to make fantastic use of limited outside space. It will help to vastly…

  • Jungle Swing Fixed Agility Climbing Trail

    High quality outdoor agility trail with delivery and installation!Minimum Space: 21.85m x 4.45m. Free Fall Height: only 0.60mPlease note the TTS Price is fully inclusive of delivery and installation, no added extras.Product Content:• 1 x Inclined Balance Weaver• 1 x Drop Rope…

  • XLR8 Senior Quickness and Agility Kit

    A great value fitness kit that helps improve fitness and agility.Contains:• 6 x 30cm XLR8 hurdles• 2 x 4m XLR8 speed ladders• 25 x spacemarkers• 1 x mesh storage sack

  • Slalom Training Poles with Bag 12pk

    Excellent for close control and agility work. • Includes holdall• Size: 1.7m(h)• Pack of 12

  • Football coaching Packs Junior

    …resources, ideal for primary children to develop their football skills. Features hurdles, agility ladders and cones to allow a variety of coaching sessions to be arranged, or basic assault courses to develop agility, balance and co-ordination.Includes:• 2 x white Central bullet footballs• 12 x…

  • Football coaching Packs Senior

    …resources, ideal for senior pupils to develop their football skills. Features hurdles, agility ladders and cones to allow a variety of coaching sessions to be arranged, or basic assault courses to develop agility, balance and co-ordination.Includes:• 2 x white Central bullet footballs• 12 x…

  • Niels Larsen Lita Tables

    A more versatile shape is used for this agility table resulting in 5 sides rather than 4. • Available in 4 heights • Linking equipment can be added to all 5 sides at different heights • Easily stackable • Well padded tops for comfort • Top size: 908mm(l) x 291mm (straight…

  • Sportshall Speed Bounce Mat

    Great for testing speed, agility, co-ordination and stamina for all ages. Participants jump two-footed from side to side over the foam wedge. • Base mat size: 2000mm(w) x 32mm(d) x 1000mm(l)• Jump height: 200mm

  • Circular Rebounder

    Ideal shape for a rebounder, children will have great fun whilst developing key skills. Develops hand-eye coordination, reaction and agility. The angle is adjustable to vary the rebound.• Supplied fully assembled• Green• Size: 830mm(dia.)

  • Leg Skips

    These brightly coloured leg skips are ideal for individual play, while helping children to develop their co-ordination, fitness and agility. Simply place the hoop around one ankle, swing the ball in a circle and jump over it with your other leg.• Assorted colours• Pack of 6

  • Components of Physical Fitness Poster Set

    …the components of physical fitness and will improve understanding of key information. Contains:• The Components of Physical Fitness• Agility• Balance• Body Composition• Cardio Vascular Endurance• Co-Ordination• Flexibility• Muscular Endurance• Power•…

  • BIG DEAL Kit for Purpose Reaction Set

    Save 10% of the individual items with this excellent value set. This great value kit includes a variety of balls designed for improving reaction times with their unpredictable bounces, forcing children to react quickly as well as improving agility.Contains:• 4 x 70mm reaction balls• 4 x…

  • Rainbow Crawl

    …adopt in an attempt to explore their surroundings. The Rainbow Crawl Unit encourages discovery, strengthens coordination and helps to support agility.• Easy clean and durable carpet provides a tactile surface for babies and toddlers to crawl on• Made from 18mm maple melamine with rounded,…

  • Balance Trail

    A versatile outdoor resource for improving balance, coordination and agility. Each set contains shaped non-slip platforms (triangle, square and pentagon) with connector pegs and a set of planks. The planks simply slot into the connector pegs to create a number of different configurations. Made from…

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