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  • Number Bonds Answer Boards

    …learners build number sense with these sturdy, hands-on answer boards, an ideal way of getting shy learners involved in group activities. Children can explore a variety of number bonds on these double-sided, write and wipe boards. Paddle-style boards feature a blank number bond on one side and space…

  • Word on the street

    …vocabulary, spelling and communication skills in this fast-paced literacy game. Extend the fun with the quick play option. Game box includes game board, 17 consonant letter tiles, 216 double-sided category cards (with useful storage tray), 30 second sand timer and instructions. For 2-8 players (two…

  • 6 Fractions Board Games

    …fractions. On each board a simple method of the operation is given which students can refer to as they move around the board practising their skills. A separate answer card for each game board is provided giving students immediate feedback.• 6 x Fractions board games• Size: 435mm…

  • Phonics Board Games

    …letters. Topics include: Beginning sounds, Middle sounds, Digraph middle sounds and Final sounds.• Contains four engaging board games • Includes dice, counters, spinners and an answer sheet • Beginning sounds • Middle sounds • Digraph middles sounds • Final sounds

  • 7 Maths Board Games

    Board games covering seven learning objectives, Adding and Subtracting Negative Numbers; Multi-digit Addition and Subtraction; Multi-digit Multiplication and Division; Place Value to Millions; Multi-digit and Roman Numeral Word Problems; Introduction to Algebra; and Calculating Time.Contains:•…

  • 6 CVC/CVCC Spelling Board Games

    This excellent set of 6 board games teaches letter sound correspondences and early word building of CVC, CVCC and CCVC words. Ideal for small groups, these games reinforce phonemic awareness operations of isolating, blending and segmenting. Suitable for pupils aged 5-7 years, plus older children…

  • Grammar and Sentences Board Games

    …questions, commands, statements and exclamations, plus seeing how words/sentences can be misinterpreted when apostrophes are omitted, are covered in the last two of these 6 exciting games. • Set includes answer cards and all game instructions are printed on the A3 boards• Pack of 6 games

  • Personal Safety & Well-Being Board Games Set

    …discussion and helping pupils to lead safe and healthy lives.• Games included: fire safety, road safety, cyber safety, healthy living and eating, good hygiene practices and hazards in the home• Includes: 6 x game boards, 6 x answer cards, 24 x counters and 1 x die• Set of 6 games

  • 6 Spelling Board Games Level 2

    This complete set of 6 board games teaches various spelling patterns including anagrams, rhymes, vowel sounds, syllables, silent letters and plurals. Ideal for small groups, these games are suitable for pupils aged 6-9 years, plus older children with special educational needs. • Contains 6…

  • 6 Spelling Board Games Level 3

    This higher level set of 6 board games teaches more advanced spelling patterns including homonyms, antonyms and synonyms, prefixes, roots, suffixes, and similes, idioms and metaphors. Ideal for small groups, these games are suitable for pupils aged 8-11 years, plus older children with special…

  • 6 Spelling Board Games Level 4

    …strategies to help remember longer, trickier words. The simple game instructions are printed on the A3 boards, so that they are never lost. Each game is suitable for four players or teams.• Contains 6 games made from durable cardboard (297mm x 420mm), 20 counters, a die, spinners and an answer sheet

  • Chalk Slates and Pencils

    …A versatile resource for any classroom, great for a range of activities from early year mark making to historical enquiry and role play to answer boards for class quizzes. Why not take your classroom back in time by becoming Victorians for the day? A great way to give a sense of period and enhance…

  • Rapid Recall

    …is great to be able to see the benefits of the Rapid Recall Boards across the entire school.Year Group Packs Include packs of five or 30:• A3 Rapid Recall Whiteboards• Drywipe Pens• Mini Foam Erasers• 1 x Answer CD• 1 x Teacher HandbookYears 1-6 Teacher Pack Includes:•…

  • Mental Maths Bingo

    answers to number, time and measure problems using only their brains. Tried and tested by Year 5 and 6 pupils, they found it to be an exciting way to practice National Curriculum level 4 and 5 questions. Can be played by up to 6 individuals or teams of more pupils. • Contains 6 playing boards

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