Antibacterial Liquid Hand Soap

  • Cachan® Care Anti-Bacterial Handwash

    An unperfumed antibacterial liquid handwash. Retains the skin's natural oils whilst leaving the hands fresh and clean.• For use with most bulk fill dispensers including Consortium Soap Dispenser (item code: 880016)• 2 x 5 litres• Contact time of 5 minutes

  • Soft Care Soap Refills

    Liquid soap refills are suitable for the Soft Care Liquid Soap Dispenser: item 042300.Foam soap refill is suitable for the Soft Care Foam Soap Dispenser: item 026980.• Bac (H41): an unperfumed bactericidal soap for use in food preparation areas (6 x 800ml)• Mild (H2): a mild hand washing…

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