• Superior Poster Paper Rolls

    A superb range of high quality poster paper ideal for those eye catching wall posters, backgrounds and displays.• Colour: Orange• Sold singly• Roll size: 760mm x 25m

  • Greyscale Rolls

    • 1 Black, 1 Seal Grey, 1 Smoke Grey, 1 Cloud Grey• 1.36 x 11m rolls

  • Winter Time Fadeless® Display Paper

    A great festive background paper. Made with fade-resistant inks for long lasting displays, acid free and recyclable.• Size 1218mm x 15m roll

  • Photographic Backdrop Rolls

    Used and endorsed by professional photographers worldwide, the backgrounds are the finest backdrop papers on the market. Produced in factories using sustainable paper pulp, the quality, colour consistency and weight ensure perfect results for the most discriminating studio.• Cool white: 2 rolls…

  • Cool White Rolls

    • Pack of 2 rolls each of Arctic White and Polar White• Size: 1.36 x 11m rolls

  • Warm Tones Rolls

    • 1 Sulphur, 1 Cherry, 1 Hazelnut, 1 Copper• Size: 1.36m x 11m rolls

  • Cool Tones Rolls

    • 1 Crocus, 1 Chroma Blue, 1 Chroma Green, 1 Oyster• Size: 1.36m x 11m rolls

  • Ella Bella Fadeless® Designs Display Paper

    Great for backgrounds and displays a superb new range of printed background paper rolls, featuring a selection of sophisticated, muted designs.• Made with fade-resistant ink for long lasting displays• Acid free and recyclable• Size: 1218mm(w) x 3.6m(l) roll• Sold singly

  • Photographic Display Stand

    …backdrop or background in the busy classroom, this background stand is ideal. Highly portable, the stand simply knocks down into a sturdy black nylon travel bag so your studio can be transported to wherever it is needed, and can be stored in this bag too.• Can support background paper rolls,…

  • 5 Ducks & 10 Frogs Set

    Perfect for developing early years counting skills, this handy kit contains 5 ducks, 5 numbers and 10 frogs. The frogs, ducks and numbers are magnetic and come complete with a large magnetic scene.• Scene background - 840mm(w) x 300mm(h)

  • Shang Dynasty Civilizations Poster

    This attractive poster gives background information about the history and achievements of the Shang Dynasty of Ancient China. It features photos of artefacts, images of significant people and keywords to support a study of the period.• Size: A1

  • Christianity Photopack

    …photographs is a great resource for learning about Christianity and key events in the Bible. Includes teachers' guide with comprehensive background information. • Includes the Annunciation, Christmas Story, Baptism, The Land of Jesus, Palm Sunday and The Last Supper• Set of 20•…

  • Hinduism Photopack

    …of laminated photographs is a great visual representation of key aspects and events in Hinduism. Includes comprehensive teachers' guide with background information.• Includes Puja, the Sacred Thread ceremony, Hindu wedding, Diwali, Holi, the River Ganges, Vishnu and Krishna• Set of…

  • The Invaders Photocopiable Book

    …inspire teachers to teach history with confidence. "Invaders" contains everything you need, including photocopiable resources, comprehensive background information and detailed lesson plans.Contains:• People on the Move• The Roman Invasions• The Romans and the Britons•…

  • Islam Photopack

    Set of laminated photographs showing images of key aspects of Islam as well as a teacher's book containing pupil activities, vocabulary and background information.• Topics include the 99 names of the Gods, a compass showing the direction of Makkah, prayer beads, the Qur'an, inside mosques,…

  • Judaism Photopack

    These photographs are fantastic for showing these key events in Jewish life. Includes a comprehensive teachers' guide with background information.• Includes the Torah, Kosher shopping, Bar Mitzvah, Sukkoth, Simhat Torah, Hanukkah, Passover and Shoa• Set of 20• Size: A4 - 210mm(w) x…

  • Weather - World & Europe Activity Book and Photopack

    A pack of laminated photos and teachers' guide with background information, atlas work and activities focusing on weather around the world. Featuring photos of rainforests, monsoons, deserts, floods and hurricanes.• Size: A4 - 297mm(w) x 210mm(h)• Pack of 20 photos• Includes 48-page…

  • Solar System Mat

    Children can work out the position of the planets, in relation to the earth, using this large fold-out Solar System mat. The fabric background has the Sun and Earth's Moon already attached, together with a further 8 fabric planets and labels. • Includes reference sheet and worksheets• Size…

  • Indus Valley Civilisation Poster & Photopack

    …of forgotten cities and artefacts from the Indus Civilisation, with supporting laminated photographs plus a 32-page teachers' book providing background information and pupil activities.• Includes 16 x photos, poster and teachers' guide• Poster size: 700mm(w) x 1000mm(h)• Photo size:…

  • Scholastic 100 Design & Technology Lessons Planning Guide

    This D&T guide provides a complete planning framework including a yearly overview of objectives, termly and weekly plans and background knowledge. Each book also contains an A2 poster mapping progression across year groups and a CD containing editable curriculum grids – perfect for personalising…

  • Black Canvas

    Cotton canvas primed and stretched over a wooden frame. The black canvas provides a striking background for colourful images and is also ideal for night-time and space themed paintings as well as 3D/collage projects. The size means the canvases are useful for younger artists and smaller…

  • Creative Scenes

    Creative Scenes enables people to create their own picture using a set of magnetic pieces. Each magnet can be picked up and placed on the background wherever they choose, creating their very own scene.• Size of board: 29cm x 40cm• 26 magnetic pieces

  • Media Kit - TTS Green Screening Kit

    …background.Your budding video content creators can build a set inside or outside the den, depending on their requirements. The included green screen background provides opportunities to enhance videos further, the tripod will always ensure a professional quality.• Ideal for green screening…

  • Many Happy Returns 1940s Reminiscence Cards

    …everyone can learn about each other and enjoy and celebrate their stories. The cards are illustrated with large images on one side, with essential background information, helpful questions and conversational prompts on the other. • Subjects include cleaning the step, comics, conkers, shopping,…

  • Tropical Rainforest Activity Book and Photopack

    …illustrate a range of rainforest features and issues, accompanied by a 35-page activity book. Every photograph is described in detail with additional background information, along with suggestions for questions and further activities. Also provided for each photograph are a fact box, a glossary, key…

  • Tudor & Stuart Portraits as Historical Evidence Photopack

    …pack consists of portraits from the Tudor and Stuart period, including Henry VIII, Elizabeth I and Oliver Cromwell. The included notes provide background information about the subjects of the portraits, as well as extension activity suggestions.• Set of 8 photos• Size: A4 - 210mm(w) x…

  • Scholastic 100 Geography Lessons Planning Guide

    …teachers with a complete planning framework. This planning guide provides a yearly overview of the new objectives, termly and weekly plans, background knowledge and an A2 poster mapping progression across year groups. Each book includes a CD with editable curriculum grids - perfect for tracking…

  • Healthy Living Activity Set

    …effects of smoking, danger of drugs and alcohol, exercise and much more. Comprehensive teacher and student notes are included to provide background information, hands-on activities and lesson planning.Kit contains: • Food Pyramid poster• Flexi-measurer• Your food, your teeth•…

  • Ultra Bright LED Light Panels

    LED light panels with 3 light settings are an essential and versatile cross-curricular resource. Providing a cool, clean, bright illuminated background they are ideal for the investigation of light, colour and shape, or for focused group work in a wide range of curriculum areas. Slimline design with…

  • The Literacy Box

    …page of grammar and punctuation activities• A comprehensive Teachers guide (over 200 pages) with a pupil and a teacher recording sheet to photocopy, an information page for each card, general background information and a comprehensive glossary• Separate answer cards for independent marking

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