Bar Magnet Set

  • Bar Magnets Set

    Set of 20 solid bar magnets, for use in exploring magnetism. Painted red/blue, the magnets are colour coded for easy identification and are supplied in a snap top case. Pack of 20.•Colour coded

  • Deluxe Magnetism Kit

    …button magnets• Round and square alcomax bars• Ferrite blocks and rings• Chrome steel horseshoe magnet• Alnico horseshoe magnet• Iron filings bubble• Pair of plastic-cased bar magnets• Coloured magnetic rubber squares • Chrome steel bars• Metal disc set

  • Smartmax Magnetic Construction Set

    …a guide showing you different ways of play for different ages. The green, blue and purple bars have their north poles directed outwards and the red, orange and yellow bars have their south poles directed outwards. The bars have different magnetic strengths. Age: 12 months+.• Set of 42 pieces

  • STEM Explorers™ Magnet Movers

    …concepts to thematic hands-on challenges to full-on game play. Includes magnetic wand, magnetic post, 2 magnetic rings, bar magnet, 2 magnetic balls, horseshoe magnet, string, 30 colour chips and an activity guide.Magnet Movers set develops:• Observation skills• Critical thinking•…

  • Magnetic Builder Pieces

    …concepts of equivalency with these colour-coded magnetic pieces. Students can combine the pieces to create a whole, mix and match pieces to compare parts of a whole, equivalent values, compare fractions, decimals and percentages in bar and circle form. The 4mm thick foam pieces are lightweight…

  • Mobile Flipchart Easel

    This mobile magnetic easel comes complete with side bars for displaying three A1 sheets at the same time. The curved base is set on five castors which makes this very easy to move around. This item comes with a 5 year guarantee.• Board Size: 700mm(w) x 1000mm(h)• Height adjustable for…

  • White Rose Maths Fractions, Decimals and Percentages

    …1 X Foam Magnetic Fraction Action Bar (123pcs)• 1 X Foam Decimal Action (122pcs)• 1 X Foam Decimal Action Bar (122pcs)• 1 X Foam Percentage Action (122pcs)• 1 X Foam Magnetic Percentage Action Bar (122PCS)• 1 X Foam Number Rods (492pcs)• 5 X Plastic Round Fraction set

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