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Base 10 Tens

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  • Base Ten Class Set

    Blue plastic Base Ten class set for 20-25 students. See code 042573 for the Base Ten Revived Activity Book• Includes 600 units, 200 rods, 20 flats and 3 cubes

  • Connecting Base Ten Classroom Set

    Base Ten materials assist students in understanding the relationship between units, tens, hundreds and thousands. The components in this set interlock, making it easy for students to connect the base ten components.Set includes: • 3 blocks• 20 flats• 200 rods• 600 cubes • 1 25-sheet base ten pad•…

  • Magnetic Base Ten Singapore Colours

    …this with the base ten block sets for hands-on learning. Ideal teaching resource to demonstrate ideas for addition and subtraction, algebra and place value. With a direct link to the decimal system, base ten equipment gives children the knowledge of multiplying and dividing by 10. This product is…

  • Weighted Base Ten Class Set

    …in Singapore colours. Balance, equivalence and measure, Base Ten at its very best. Giving children the ability to model what happens to numbers, with weights relative to the Base Ten number to support concrete learning. Ones weigh 1g, 10s -10g, 100s-100g and 1000s - 1kg.• Made from plastic• Mixed…

  • Base Ten Activity Book

    96 page book to use with the Base Ten Class Set, item code 022755.• 36 activities included

  • Base Ten Group Set

    The Base Ten Group Set helps illustrate the relationships between units, tens, hundreds and thousands and can help children visualise numbers when learning basic addition, subtraction as well as multiplication and division in 10s. Each block is marked in centimetre squares to highlight how each unit…

  • Base Ten Floor Tiles

    Embed a deeper understanding of place value through visual representations. A tactile representation of Base 10. Spot patterns, create games and develop knowledge of numbers from 1 to 120. Children will be able to use the tiles to understand how each number is formed, seeing the visual relationships…

  • Base Ten Blocks Book

    This 36 page book teaches number representation, place value, operations, decimals, percentages, fractions and measurement.• Sold singly• Size: A4

  • Base Ten Number Structure Set

    This smaller version of the Base Ten Class Set below contains 100 Yellow cubes, 10 Green rods, 10 Blue flats and 1 Red block.

  • 50 Base Ten Activity Cards

    50 Base Ten Activities is a set of 50 double-sided activity cards for teaching math skills with base ten blocks.• 50 activity cards and 1 contents card• Topics include: counting, subitising, problem solving, ordering, grouping, Ty numbers, place value, estimation, addition, trading,…

  • Place Value Classroom Set

    Develop an understanding of the place value concept. Dice and spinners are used to generate numbers, the abacus used to physically represent numbers, and the flip charts used for the abstract representation of numbers.Set includes:• 6 Flip Charts• 6 Place Value Abacus• 6 Place Value Dice Sets• 6…

  • Base Ten Class Set with Book

    Blue plastic Base Ten class set for 20-25 students.• Includes 600 units, 200 rods, 20 flats, 3 cubes• Base Ten Activity Book included

  • MDF Base Boards

    These MDF boards provides a stable base for all types of models.• Size: 150mm(w) x 150mm(l)• Pack of 10

  • GH Skid Base Chair

    • 5 year guarantee• Stackable up to 10 high• Supplied with a flint frame• Available in sizes 5 & 6• Choice of 5 colours: black, blue, brown, grey and red

  • Skid Base Lipped Stool

    These stools have been designed to feature a resistant non-tilt frame. The 19mm diameter steel frames are coated in an Epoxy Powder coat finish to give maximum life. Stackable up to 10 high.• Size: 400mm(w) x 375mm(d)• Available in 5 different heights

  • Hille SE Skid Base Chair

    …skid base chair has all the benefits of the SE chair but with a unique front configuration which dispels the normal hazard of being able to tip forwards easily on a traditional skid base product - with the SE skid base chair it is virtually impossible to tilt the chair forwards.• 10 year…

  • Hille Series E Swivel Base Chairs

    A high quality durable base with height adjustment via gas lift mechanism and a one piece polypropylene shell. Available with the option of glides or castors. Suitable for children aged 9 years+.• 10 year guarantee• British made• Five star base with castors or glides• Seat…

  • Hille Series E Skid Base Chairs

    The classic classroom chair that offers a durable, cost effective seating solution.• 10 year guarantee• British-made• BS EN 1729 certified• Stackable up to 7 high• Series E shell• Skid base• Leatherite painted frame• 19mm steel frame

  • Hille GH Classroom Chairs

    …flint epoxy frame is supplied as standard and all the chairs are stackable up to 10 high with the exception of the computer chair. The writing tablet chair can only be stacked if the tablet is removed. • Stackable up to 10 high (the writing tablet chair can only be stacked if the tablet is removed)

  • Henry Original HVR160 or Hetty HET160

    So much more than just a smiley face! Henry and Hetty bring professional cleaning to all and are packed full of innovative features.• 10 metre cable and rewind storage system• Convenient, on-board wand and floor-tool storage• A tool for every job, full accessory kit AS0 with stainless steel tube…

  • Hetty HET160

    …airflow settingAccessories kit includes:• 2 x Stainless steel tube• Stainless steel bend• Combination floor tool• 2.2m FloMax hoseOptional extras and spare parts:• Combination floor tool (039529)• 2.2m FloMax hose (820338)• NVM-1CH HepalFlo bags Pack of 10 (040817)

  • Henry HVR160

    …settingsAccessories kit includes:• 2 x Stainless steel tube• Stainless steel bend• Combination floor tool• 2.2m FloMax hoseOptional extras and spare parts:• Combination floor tool (039529)• 2.2m FloMax hose (820338)• NVM-1CH HepalFlo bags Pack of 10 (040817)

  • Radial End Trumpet Base Boardroom Table

    • Size: 2400mm(w) x 1000mm(d) x 725mm(h)• Available in 5 finishes• Seats between 8-10 people

  • Low Temperature Destain

    This product is based on a chemical known as PAP. It is effective at temperatures from as little as 20°c to aid stain removal. It has a broad antibacterial, fungicidal and antiviral activity at 20°c over 5 minutes contact time and it complies with BSEN 1276.• 10L

  • Positive Thinking Poster Set

    …classroom and promote positive situations and emotions with this set of 10 funky posters containing helpful words and phrases on each poster to give opportunities for discussion in class.• Positive reinforcement posters based around; Learning for Life, Healthy Living, Keeping Calm, Working…

  • Recycled Crafting Cones

    Ideal for model making and craft projects. • Length: 170mm• Width: 35mm(dia.) top, 70mm(dia.) base• Pack of 10

  • Litmus Paper

    …your students to figure out whether your unknown chemical is an acid or base. Litmus blue is used for testing the acidity of a solution whereas red is used for testing the alkalinity of a solution.• Available in blue (pH 5-8) and red (pH 5-9)• 20 leaves in each book• Pack of 10 books

  • Artform Paint

    …sand or stones to create interesting textures. Dries to a waterproof, scratch-resistant finish. Apply thickly to glass and peel off when dry.• Colours: lemon, brilliant yellow, orange, red, purple, brilliant blue, brilliant green, black, sienna and white• 300ml bottles• Pack of 10

  • Consortium Highlighters

    Chisel tip for precise highlighting, suitable for use on most types of paper, including fax paper.• Water-based ink• Choice of single colours or assorted packs• Assorted pack of 4: yellow, green, pink and orange• Assorted pack of 6: yellow, green, pink, blue, orange and red•…

  • Bunsen Burners

    Nickel-plated burner tube with rotatable air regulator, mounted on an enamelled pressed-steel base with a cylindrical rifled connector.• Conforms to safety standards• Diameter: 13mm• Height: 145mm• Base diameter: 80mm• 8mm gas inlet• Pack of 10

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