• Plastic Measurement Beakers

    Polypropylene measuring jugs with graduations and autoclavable up to 130°C. • Easy pour tapered spout• Available in a variety of pack sizes and capacities

  • High Quality Glass Beakers

    Borosilicate glass, low form beakers with spout.• Graduated in 50ml increments• Available in 4 capacities• Sold singly

  • Polycarbonate Beakers

    Polycarbonate 10oz (28cl) beaker. • Microwave and dishwasher safe• Size: 100mm(h) x 75mm diameter• Available in 4 colours• Sold singly

  • tommee tippee® First Beakers

    This First Beaker is free flowing, leakproof and comes with a fold down spout that is easy to clean. Our first beaker can be used safely with dishwashers, microwaves and sterilisers. Age: 4 months+.• Free flow • Leak proof • Sold singly• Colours may vary

  • tommee tippee® First Beaker

    This tommee tippee® First Beaker is free flowing, leak-proof and comes with a fold down spout that is easy to clean. Can be used safely with dishwashers, microwaves and sterilisers. Age: 4 months+.

  • Plastic Graduated Beaker Set

    Transparent plastic beakers with broad, easy pouring spouts.

  • Borosilicate Beakers

    Squat form spouted beakers made from Borosilicate glass that can be heated to 500°C. • Pack of 12

  • Mini Waste Trolley

    …mini waste trolley with tray storage space and cutlery bin.• Supplied with 1 drop down tray runner• Includes 2 boxes for cutlery and beakers• Includes large bin that can take a bin liner• Size: 1000mm(w) x 500mm(d) x 700mm(h)• Supplied with 2 braked castors• Meal trays…

  • Primary Science™ Lab Set

    …the senses. Concepts covered include principals and properties, materials, the senses and living things. Age: 4 years+.Set includes:• Beaker• Magnifying glass• Large test tube with lid and stand• Two small test tubes with lids and stand• Flask• Tweezers•…

  • Two Handled Beaker

    Graduated polycarbonate 2-handled beaker designed for those requiring extra stability when drinking. • Capacity: 250ml • Colour: red• Optional clear polypropylene narrow and wide spouts available• Microwave and dishwasher safe• Sold singly

  • Waterplay Kit

    …can create water canals with see-through plastic tubing, or pour water into the waterwheels and watch what happens. Age: 3 years+.Set includes:• Cups, funnels, beakers, spoons, eye-droppers, water wheels 206mm(h), and more• Supplied in a mesh bag• Guide included• Set of 38 pieces

  • Science Labware Essentials Bulk Pack

    …experiments during Key Stage 2 and is supplied in a deep tray with lid for easy storage.Contents includes:• Measuring Cylinders• Beakers• Test Tube Holders• Test Tube Racks• Petri Dishes• Gauze Wire• Filters• Funnels• Bunsen Burner• Retort Stand…

  • Polycarbonate Beaker

    Beaker with handle ideal for serving hot and cold drinks and also soup. • Microwave and dishwasher safe• Available in 4 colours• Size: 280ml• 100% recylable• Pack of 12

  • Two Handled Beaker

    Graduated 2-Handled Beaker. • Microwave and Dishwasher safe• Available in 4 colours and clear• 100% recyclable• Pack of 12

  • Bulk Value Classroom Measuring Kit

    …slightly.)Contains:• 7 x Graduated beaker set• 7x Graduated cylinders set• 3 x Measuring jugs• 10 x 1 Metre tape measures• Trundle wheel with counter• 6 x Show-Me cylinder• 6 x Show-Me thermometer• 6 x Show-Me beaker• 6 x Show-Me jug• Multi-Dial…

  • Macro Science Kit - Investigations KS2

    …used to study rocks, magnets, stretching forces, heating and mixing solids and liquids.Contains:• Measuring cylinders• Plastic beakers• Petri dishes• Sieves• Foil cases• Clamp stand and clamps• Plastic funnels• Filer papers• Tea lights•…

  • Macro Science Kit - Earth Science

    …what is soil?Contains:• Clouds, Weather, Rainfall and The Earth posters• Clamp stand and clamps• Plastic pots• Plastic beakers• Petri dishes• Plastic funnels• Measuring cylinders• Filter papers• Nails• Spatulas• Magnifying glasses•…

  • Macro Science Kit - Investigations KS1

    …sounds and investigating how different we all are.Contains:• Height chart• Measuring cylinders• Plastic funnels• Plastic beakers• Plastic pots• Petri dishes• Soundtracks game• Plastic tubing• Feely bag and blindfold• Torches• Marbles•…

  • Changing Materials Science Kit

    …and liquids and examining what happens when materials are heated, as well as defining solids, liquids and gases.Contains:• Plastic beakers• Fabric samples• Petri dishes• Tongs• Tea lights• Foil cases• Measuring cylinders• Plastic funnels•…

  • New Sprouts® Serve It!

    Serve up a treat with these chunky, modern dishes, perfectly sized to fit play foods. This set includes 4 each of plate, bowl, beaker, knife, fork and spoon in blue, green, orange and purple. Age: 2 years+.

  • Glow In The Dark Sensory Bag

    …when the lights go out. Contents (may vary):• 1 x Glow in the Dark Ball• 2 x Glow in the Dark Inflatables• 1 x Glow in the Dark Beaker• 6 x Glow in the Dark Tubes• 3 x Glow in the Dark Ducks• 1 x Glow Stretchy Spaghetti• 3 x Glow in the Dark Feet• 3 x Glow in…

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