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  • Pyramid Bean Bags

    Pyramid shaped beanbags are great for all types of throwing activities as the shape makes them easier to catch and are ideal for small hands. Age: 3 years+.• Colours: red, blue, green and yellow• Available in assorted packs of 4 and 40

  • Bean Bag Chair

    …for getting lost in a book. Choose from an array of bright colours to brighten up a reading corner or create an engaging outdoor learning space. Age: 5 years+. •Pack of 4•1 of each colour: red, blue, lime and purple•To be stored indoors •Size: 580mm(w) x 580mm(d) x 560mm(h)

  • Indoor Bean Bag Pack

    Set of 4 bean bags in four different fabrics complete with carry handles.• Due to the fire treatment, do not wash the covers – sponge clean only• Size: 600mm diameter approx• Pack of 4• One of each colour: red and blue roar, fuchsia and midnight blue

  • Outdoor Bean Bag Pack of 4 Offer

    …inexpensive bean bags are made from a shower resistant material that can be sponge cleaned. Each bag comes with a carry handle.* Savings based on prices of individual components• Due to the fire treatment, do not wash the covers.• Size: 600mm dia• Suitable for all ages• Pack of…

  • Giant Bean Bag Floor Cushion Pack of 5 Offer

    Get this comfortable and versatile set of 5 giant bean bag floor cushions in: lime, blue, black, red, purple and save over £75These versatile giant bean bag floor cushions offer multiple seating position options. This is a modern, hardwearing and extremely comfortable soft seating solution, ideal…

  • Large Bean Bag Reading Chairs

    …large bean bag reading chairs, offer a supportive back rest and wide comfortable seat - a seating position ideal for reading and studying. The unique panelled design will shape the bean bag as the user sits into it, to create the ultimate library furniture. Age: 11 years+. •Pack of 5•For…

  • PVC Beanbags

    PVC welded beanbags filled with smooth plastic beans. • Colours: red, blue, green and yellow• Size: 127mm(w) x 100mm(l)• Pack of 4

  • Number Beanbags

    Number beanbags offer a fun way to learn basic numeracy skills. Excellent for developing gross motor skills. Age: 3 years+.• Contains numbers 1-10• Pack of 10

  • Number Beanbags

    Number beanbags offer a fun way to learn basic numeracy skills. Excellent for developing gross motor skills.• Contains numbers 1-10• Pack of 10

  • Pyramid Beanbags

    Pyramid shaped beanbags are great for all types of throwing activities as the shape makes them easier to catch and are ideal for small hands. Age: 3 years+.• Colours: red, blue, green and yellow• Available in assorted packs of 4, 12 and 40

  • 2-Seater Oval Bean Bags

    …reading sessions or encourages paired reading. These oval pods are stackable for storage and lightweight for children to move independently. Age: 3 years+. •Pack of 3•One of each colour: red, lime and Aqua•Suitable for indoor and outdoor use •Size: 500mm(w) x800mm(l) x 200mm(h)

  • Bumperbean Bag Pack

    …natural filled poly cotton bean bags are an ideal pack to teach numeracy and literacy. Also included is a tie cord bag and collapsible storage crate for easy storage. Kit contains:• 1 x set of alphabet bags• 1 x set of numbers bags • 6 plain bean bags• 8 shape bean bags• Supplied in storage…

  • Traditional Beanbags

    Great quality cotton bean bags filled with real beans. Age: 3 years+.• Available in 4 colours• Available in a pack of 10 single colours or a pack of 40 assorted colours

  • Skimming Stars

    Add interest to ordinary bean bag activities with these soft, lightweight stars. Use for developing throwing and catching with younger children, or as a new addition to sports day and PE activities. Handy carry/storage bag included.• Pack of 60

  • Traditional Beanbags

    Excellent quality polycotton beanbags.• Colours: blue, green, red and yellow• Pack of 10 single colours or an assorted pack of 40 (containing 10 of each colour)

  • Weighted Number Frame Bean Bags

    Weighted from lightest to heaviest in relation to the number frame on the front. One being the lightest at 25g, and then moving up in 25g increments to ten being the heaviest at 250g.• Pack of 11

  • Mouse Bags Pack Offer

    …mouse bean bag for free!The mouse bag is a fun alternative to the traditional bean bag. The mouse bag can be used indoor or outdoor and is wipe clean for easy use.• Dimensions: 820mm(w) x 640mm(d) x 480mm(h)• Pack of 4 includes: 1 red, 1 oranges, 1 yellow and 1 lime mouse bean bags, the…

  • Sports Day Pack

    …1 x Egg 'n' Spoon race set• 4 x Three legged race straps• 4 x Jump sacks Assorted colours• 1 x Pack of 12 Assorted colour pyramid bean bags• 1 x Pack of 50 Assorted colour marker saucers• 2 x Value Stopwatch• 2 x Large plastic whistle• 1 x Value…

  • Throwing and Catching Pack

    …skills and improve hand eye co-ordination. Comes complete with a clear crystal box and lid for easy storage.Contains:• 5 x Koosh balls• 1 x Pack of 4 Flying discs• 1 x Pack of 12 assorted bean bags• 5 x Aeroballs• 5 x Catch pad sets• 1 x Value 35L Crystal box and lid

  • Parachute Play Pack

    …with skill building games that will get children moving and working together.Contains:• 1 x 5m parachute • 4 x 200mm play balls• 8 x animal bean bags • 1 x 450mm floater ball• 1 x 200mm bell ball • 10 x 70mm foam balls• 1 x parachute book • 1 x storage bag

  • Target Net Pack

    Perfect for Quoits, Balls and Bean Bags, in fact almost anything you care to throw at it. Has 4 graduated height settings and is supplied with a Target Cover that fits neatly over the Target making it suitable to use with hook and loop Bean Bags, Scarves or Balls.• Target Size: 900mm(w) x…

  • Movement Activity Pack

    …of layouts to suit various age ranges. It can also be used to develop movement and set targets for throwing activities. Contains:• 12 x bean bags • 8 x 300mm cones• 3 x 500mm flat hoops • 2 x 600mm flat hoops• 4 x 300mm flat hoops • 4 x marking hands• 4 x marking…

  • Primary Activity Pack

    …catching skills.Contains:• 4 x miniplay balls• 20 x 70mm foam balls • 4 x centraplay rackets• 30 x flexi markers• 4 x bean bags • 4 x fun rings • 4 x 36cm flat hoops• 2 x maxiplay balls • 1 x foam dice • 4 x 63mm perforated balls • 10 x 2.13m…

  • First-Play® Maths Development Pack

    This pack of 73 products is designed to encourage individual and group participation. This kit will help with to develop children's numerical and physical activity skills. Contains:• 1 x 0-20 number line• 20 x number bean bags• 1 x inflatable dice• 10 x 230mm number cones• 3…

  • Maths Development Pack

    …This kit will also develop children's numerical and physical activity skills. Age: 3 years+.Set includes:• 1 x 0-20 number line, 20 x number bean bags, 1 x inflatable dice, 10 x 230mm number cones, 3 x movement cubes, 2 x coloured number target mats, 1 x PVC coated dice, 1 x foam dice, 1 x set…

  • First-Play Junior Parachute Resource Pack

    …user-friendly games book.Contains:• 1 x colour parachute activities book• 1 x 1.75m rainbow parachute• 1 x 3.5m rainbow parachute • 4 x turtle bean bags• 12 x 70mm zoft balls• 6 x ropes• 6 x 300mm floater balls• 1 x 900mm floater ball• 1 x storage holdall

  • Farmyard Hay Bale

    Discover all the fun of the farm with the versatile pack of 2 Hay Bale Bean Bags. Each Hay Bale has enough space to seat multiple small children, so gather young farmers together for circle time and imaginative play. Use as part of a Farmyard scene in your nursery space or take outside to discover…

  • Multi-Seater Blocks and Rocks

    Inspire children with interactive learning using these realistic printed fibre filled multi-seater blocks and bean bag rocks. These curriculum resources encourage team work and imaginative play, improving physical and social development. The visual teaching aids can spark discussions on nature, the…

  • Team Colours PE Packs

    …plastic skipping ropes• 6 x 450mm hoops• 6 x Junior plastic playbats• 12 x 90mm coated foam balls• 6 x plastic table tennis bats• 12 x 64mm gamester balls• 6 x rubber quoits• 12 x team bands• 6 x cotton bean bags• 25 x markers• Available in 4 colours

  • Beanbag Minis

    Mini bean bags made from a soft felt perfect for Early Years and KS1. These beanbags are ideal for developing early techniques such as throwing and catching. All packed in a drawstring bag.• Pack of 96

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