Bean Bags 10

  • Traditional Beanbags

    Excellent quality polycotton beanbags.• Colours: blue, green, red and yellow• Pack of 10 single colours or an assorted pack of 40 (containing 10 of each colour)

  • Colours Bean Bags

    Cotton covered bags with colour labels and filled with beans.• Set of 10

  • Number Beanbags

    Number beanbags offer a fun way to learn basic numeracy skills. Excellent for developing gross motor skills. Age: 3 years+.• Contains numbers 1-10• Pack of 10

  • Number Beanbags

    Number beanbags offer a fun way to learn basic numeracy skills. Excellent for developing gross motor skills.• Contains numbers 1-10• Pack of 10

  • Traditional Beanbags

    Great quality cotton bean bags filled with real beans. Age: 3 years+.• Available in 4 colours• Available in a pack of 10 single colours or a pack of 40 assorted colours

  • Weighted Number Frame Bean Bags

    Weighted from lightest to heaviest in relation to the number frame on the front. One being the lightest at 25g, and then moving up in 25g increments to ten being the heaviest at 250g.• Pack of 11

  • Number Frame Bean Bag Shapes

    Build knowledge of measure and number with these weighted number frame bean bags. The bean bags start at 25g represented by the 1 frame shaped bean bag and continue in 25g increments up to 250g for the ten frame.

  • Spanish Beanbags

    A set of 10 colour bean bags with the name of each colour stitched in Spanish on one side. • Pack of 10 coloured beanbags • Size: 100mm x 100mm

  • Maths Development Pack

    …also develop children's numerical and physical activity skills. Age: 3 years+.Set includes:• 1 x 0-20 number line, 20 x number bean bags, 1 x inflatable dice, 10 x 230mm number cones, 3 x movement cubes, 2 x coloured number target mats, 1 x PVC coated dice, 1 x foam dice, 1 x set of 0-9 latex…

  • First-Play® Maths Development Pack

    …help with to develop children's numerical and physical activity skills. Contains:• 1 x 0-20 number line• 20 x number bean bags• 1 x inflatable dice• 10 x 230mm number cones• 3 x movement cubes• 2 x coloured number target mats • 1 x PVC coated dice• 1 x foam…

  • Jumbo Playground Kit

    …Bats with 6 x balls and 9 shuttlecocks • 6 x Soft Footballs• 10 x Playbats• 6 x Marshmallow Balls• 4 x Padder Bats• 6 x Bump Balls• 3 x Ribbon Balls• 2 x Jump Balls• 6 x Bumpy Steps• 12 x Coloured Tennis Balls • 12 x Coloured Bean Bags• 2 x Happy Hoppers• 10 x Coloured Skipping Ropes•1 x Mesh Bag

  • Playground Mega Kit

    …airflow ball• 6 x Ankle Skips• 6 x Large Scoopers with 6 airflow balls • 6 x Vinyl Mini Balls• 10 x Playbats• 10 x Large Handle Skipping Rope• 10 x Number Bean Bags• 12 x Coloured Tennis Balls• 12 x Marble Playballs (200mm)• 40 x Flexible Cones with holders• 48 x Yellow Tennis Balls in a mesh bag

  • Parachute Play Pack

    …with skill building games that will get children moving and working together.Contains:• 1 x 5m parachute • 4 x 200mm play balls• 8 x animal bean bags • 1 x 450mm floater ball• 1 x 200mm bell ball • 10 x 70mm foam balls• 1 x parachute book • 1 x storage bag

  • Creative Dance and Movement Kit

    …6 x Floating Scarves with Bean Bag• 6 x Rubber Floor Marker Spots• 1 x Pop Up Crawl Tunnel• 2 x 1m Parachute• 2 x 50cm Space Hoppers• 4 x Bump Balls• 4 x Plastic Hoops• 10 x Glittery Dance Scarves• 12 x 7cm Air Flow Balls• 36 x Pyramid Bean Bags

  • Primary Activity Pack

    …foam balls • 4 x centraplay rackets• 30 x flexi markers• 4 x bean bags • 4 x fun rings • 4 x 36cm flat hoops• 2 x maxiplay balls • 1 x foam dice • 4 x 63mm perforated balls • 10 x 2.13m plastic skipping ropes • 2 x plastic table tennis bats• 1 x…

  • Playground Bumper Target Kit

    …active outdoor space.• Contains: 4 x 3-in-1 Targets,1 x Double-sided Target Mat, 4 x Tipping Targets, 1 x Multi-purpose Target Goal, 1 x Quoits Target game, 1 x Knock Down Foam Tins, 1 x Shape Target Net, 10 x Sticky Target Balls, 20 x Low Bounce Foam Balls, 20 x Bean Bags and 6 x Foam Quoits

  • Early Years Physical Development Kit

    …x Holding Streamers•1 x 3.5m Parachute•4 x 3 in 1 Targets•5 x Cotton skipping Ropes Plain•1 x Jumbo Chalk•60 x Skimming Stars•36 x Pyramid Bean Bags•5 x Fruit character Bean Bags•6 x Bean Bag Scarves•4 x 61cm Hoop•26 x Double Sided Activity Cards"

  • Historical Currency Collection

    …forms of currency and its origins. Children will be fascinated when they discover that currency has not always been coins, notes and cards that they are familiar with today.Contents: • 10 x Roman Coins• 4 x Greek Coins• 1 x Manilla• Bag of Cowrie Shells• Bag of Cocoa Beans

  • First-Play 263 Piece Games Activity Kit

    …holdalls. Contains:• 10 x reaction balls• 30 x 70mm foam balls• 2 x 1.75m parachutes• 20 x bean bags• 8 x 24" hoops• 6 x pom pom balls• 2 x non-sting footballs• 1 x parachute activities book• 12 x animal bean bags• 4 x quoits• 12 x gameflow…

  • First-Play Playtime Activity Tub

    10 x tennis balls• 2 x 70mm reaction balls• 10 x 70mm foam balls• 2 x table tennis bats• 2 x mini rackets• 2 x rounders bats• 3 x scoop rackets• 6 x zoft balls• 1 x mini basketball• 6 x urchin balls• 2 x stilts• 12 x bean bags• 1 x portable…

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