Bee-bot Shapes

  • Bee-Bot® 3D Shapes Mat

    An exciting resource for use with Bee-Bot and Blue-Bot to help children familiarise themselves with 3D shapes. A great resource to familiarise children with 3D shapes. Can you find the yellow cube?• W75 x L75cm

  • Bee-Bot® Maths Bundle

    …related Bee-Bot resources. Developed alongside maths experts, this kit contains both numeracy specific mats and also activities cards to push your student’s skills in maths and directional control.Includes:• Snakes and Ladders Mat • Coin Mat • Number Line Mat • Shapes Mat •…

  • Bee Bot Maths Activity Cards

    …through the magic of Bee-Bot, with all the versatility and benefits afforded by our digital download option.Tackle a variety of hands on maths activities, designed for reception and year 1 students.Activities relate to the Coin mat, number line mat, 2-D shape mat, 3-D shape mat, treasure island mat,…

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