Bee Numbers

  • Honey Bee Number Stones & Activity Cards

    …including recognising the numerals shown on the bees’ backs and relating these to groups of objects, reinforcing the idea of number. They can also be used to explore number sequences, odd and even numbers, along with addition, subtraction and number bonds to 10, and beyond. Age: 3 years+.• Set…

  • Bee-Bot® Number Line Mat

    A durable vinyl walk-on number track featuring the numerals 1-10 and fun illustrations to represent the amount - ideal for use with Bee-Bot® and Blue-Bot® floor robots.

  • Bee Bot Maths Activity Cards

    …digital download option.Tackle a variety of hands on maths activities, designed for reception and year 1 students.Activities relate to the Coin mat, number line mat, 2-D shape mat, 3-D shape mat, treasure island mat, transparent grid mat, seaside town mat and farmyard mat. Digital Download products…

  • Bee-Bot® Zoo Activity Tin

    The Zoo Activity Tin contains a number of accessories to use with the Zoo Bee-Bot mat, including Jackets, Activity cards and Prop pieces.

  • Bee-Bot® Modular Road

    Use this modular road to create endless route possibilities for Bee-Bot or Blue-Bot. Containing 25 number of road pieces, build the road ahead for students to program their route. Also contains 4 end pieces which can be used to add complexity to the challenge.

  • Bee-Bot® Maths Bundle

    …this kit contains both numeracy specific mats and also activities cards to push your student’s skills in maths and directional control.Includes:• Snakes and Ladders Mat • Coin Mat • Number Line Mat • Shapes Mat • 3D Shapes Mat • Maths Squares • Maths Activity Tin

  • Bee-Bot® Wildlife Garden Activity Tin

    The Wildlife Activity Tin contains a number of accessories to use with the Wildlife Bee-Bot mat. Including 6 character jackets, 20 prop pieces and 10 activity card relating to the mat.

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