Beebot Map

  • Bee-Bot® UK Map

    Discover the UK with this highly detailed, animated and colourful map. Use on the wall or on the floor with your Bee-Bot! A perfect cross-curricular resource, encompassing map reading skills, directional skills and more. With eyelets.• Made from vinyl• Portrait

  • Bee-Bot® OS Mat

    A highly detailed (1:10,000 scale) Ordnance Survey map covering 2km² of your local area. Combine early map reading skills with control and directional language, by directing Bee-Bot. Hard wearing vinyl with corner eyelets.

  • Bee-Bot® World Map

    Travel the world and go on a voyage of discovery with Bee-Bot® and the Bee-Bot® world map! Contains information about the world, including the oceans, continents, countries and capital cities. • Size: 2100mm x 1200mm• Bee-Bot® not included

  • Bee-Bot® Road Signs

    1 Set of road signs to be used alongside programming activities. Simply place the signs on the mat you are using and use them to map out where the Bee-Bot can, and cannot go. A great tool to extend the use of Bee-Bot and Blue-Bot.

  • Bee-Bot® Transparent Grid Mat

    This clear 4 x 4 grid can be used to help with programming routes for Bee-Bot. Place the mat on top of existing carpets and maps or simply ask the pupils to design their own, perfect with the own mat creator on the Blue-Bot app.• 1 year warranty

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