Black Pastels

  • Charcoal Soft Pastels

    Square soft charcoal pastels which are easy to apply. Charcoal produces a variety of tones and shades. The black charcoal gives a strong contrast to white paper and produces strong results.• Pack of 12

  • Consortium Oil Pastels

    These quality oil pastels offer excellent value for money. • Available in a variety of colours

  • Consortium Poster Paper Border Rolls

    …coloured for extra decorative effects.• Deep Colour Pack: 1 each of Lemon, Leaf Green, Ultramarine Blue, Fire Orange, Scarlet and Black• Metallic Pack: 2 each of Gold and Silver• Pastel Colour Pack: 1 each of Sky Blue, Pale Green, Lilac and Peppermint• Size: 48mm(w) x 50m(l) roll

  • Grey Tone Soft Pastels

    Soft pastels ideal for creating striking images on a white or black background.• Assorted shades of Grey, Black and White• Size: 65mm(l)• Pack of 12

  • Montana Gold Spray Paint

    black• Pastel colours: baby blue, frozen strawberry, easter yellow, pure orange, purple, raspberry• Fluorescent colours: red, pink, yellow, blue, green, orange• Metallic colours: gold, silver, copper, matt gold, matt silver, varnish gloss• Effect colours: granite light grey and black,

  • Staedtler Textsurfer Highlighters

    …Includes a black 'hidelighter' which covers up text so that it is illegible when photocopied, however remains legible on paper• Fast drying with ultra soft chisel tip• Water-based ink that washes out of most textiles• Pack of 4 includes: blue, grey, buff and black• Pack of 10…

  • Black Paper Sketchbook

    The black paper in this sketchbook is perfect for artwork produced using white or metallic mediums such as pencils or pastels. Gives artwork a different appearance to white papers.• 210gsm paper• 84 pages• A4• Sold singly

  • Pisces Black and White Spiral Sketchbook

    …types of media including pencil, charcoal, pastel, pen and ink. Alternate black and white acid free drawing cartridge.• British made and manufactured• Highest grade British paper• Toothy surface texture• Paperback book• Black• A3• 70 Pages• Portrait•…

  • Conté Sketching Crayons

    Conté crayons are thinner and harder than traditional pastels, and are ideally suited to drawing and sketching as their hardness allows for a crisper more detailed drawing technique. The crayons have a 6mm x 6mm cross section and are slightly softer in texture than pencils.• Ideal for sketching…

  • Bulk Pack of Paper and Card

    …sheets of A4+ pastels mounts in 10 assorted colours (120gsm)• 100 sheets of A2 activity paper in 10 assorted colours (80gsm)• 20 sheets of SRA2 vivid card in 10 assorted colours (210gsm)• 6 sheets of SRA2 foil card in 6 assorted colours (270gsm)• 4 sheets of SRA2 black thick card…

  • Lyra Ferby Triangular Colouring Pencil

    …Yellow, Orange, Red, Pink, Flesh, Purple, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Dark Green, Brown and Black• Pack of 288: 12 each of White, Light Yellow, Yellow, Orange, Red, Pink, Flesh Tone, Violet, Pastel Blue, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Emerald Green, Dark Green, Light Green, Sienna, Black, Gold and Silver

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