• Mini Clean-Up Kit

    A compact mini clean-up kit, ideal for safe disposal of body fluid spillages such as blood, vomit or urine when on the move.• Contents: 3 x disinfectant wipes, 1 x disposable bag, 1 x absorbent powder, 1 x apron, 1 x pair of gloves, 1 x scraper

  • Accu-Chek Aviva Blood Glucose Meter

    …of blood glucose levels in the body, which helps to control residents' diabetes. Designed to make testing easier, the advanced technology provides a 5 second test time and only requires a tiny blood sample for testing. Includes the Accu-Chek FastClix finger pricker for collecting blood.• Please…

  • OMRON M3 Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor

    …a reading that is easy to interpret. The easy high blood pressure LED indicator signals if blood pressure is higher than the normal range. • Supplied with an easy cuff that fits most adult arm sizes • Size of cuff: 220mm-420mm• Blood pressure level indicator• Irregular heartbeat…

  • BD Vacutainer ® Eclipse™ Blood Collection Needle

    Helping to improve safety, reduce exposure and maximize OSHA compliance. BD Eclipse™ Needles provide immediate protection at the puncture site.• Integrated safety shield that fully covers needle after use• Pack of 48

  • Pumping Heart Model

    This 3D working plastic heart model clearly demonstrates the way the heart pumps blood around the body. • Self-assembly• Includes instructions• Size: 250mm(w) x 65mm(d) x 320mm(h)

  • Pumping Heart Model

    Help students visualize blood flow from the heart into the lungs with this simple, mess-free system, easy-to-use, multi-sensory model uses a simple hand pump to demonstrate basic heart and pulmonary blood flow. Create a memorable exploration of how the heart and lungs work together for oxygen…

  • Crime Scene Investigation

    …cards• Poison test strips• Microscope slides• Coverslips• Anti-A serum• Anti-B serum• Simulated crime scene blood sample• Blood typing trays• Toothpicks• Tongue depressors• Casting medium• Pipettes• Candle• Crime scene tape•…

  • BioSoak Biological Soak & Wash

    …hardest to reach places.• Contains optical brighteners & bactericide• Powerful odour-counteractants giving a fresh, soft-feeling result• Perfect for organic staining such as blood vomit and faeces• Reduced environmental stress due to low aquatic toxicity• Fully biodegradable

  • With Child™ Pregnancy Simulator

    …teens in pregnancy prevention programmes. Users understand the physical symptoms of being pregnant such as weight gain, lower back stress, increased blood pressure, decreased mobility and pressure on bladder, stomach and lungs.Contains:• Pregnancy simulation torso• Tunic• Timeline of…

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