Blue Ball

  • Reac-Z-on Balls

    This 6-knob ball has been designed to help improve hand-eye coordination by creating an unpredictable bounce. Made from solid rubber, it is ideal for use both indoors and outdoors. • Available in 2 diameters• Colours may vary• Pack of 4

  • BIG DEAL 12 Mitre® Impel Ball Sack Bundle

    Buy 12 Mitre footballs and get a ball sack free! Mitre's base-level training ball. Made with a hard wearing 30 panel construction. Vimini outer texture for grip and control and 3.5 mm EVA foam backing for soft feel and touch. Contains:• 12 Mitre Impel footballs• 1 Mitre ball sack

  • Hi-Grip Playground Balls

    These great quality playground balls have a soft, vinyl surface with a cross-moulded, tactile grid that is ideal for playground use.• Colour may vary• Available in 2 diameters• Sold singly

  • Lightweight Foam Balls

    These moulded lightweight foam balls offer a soft surface for throwing and catching.• Dimater: 200mm• Colours: red, blue, green and yellow• Sold singly

  • Coated Foam Balls

    These foam balls are washable, pick resistant and can be disinfected. Ideal for indoor and outdoor use.• Available in 2 diameters• Available in 4 colours• Pack of 6

  • Pilot G-2 0.7 Retractable Gel Rollerball

    …blob-free writing and a contoured rubber grip for comfort.• High grade spring for repeated use• 0.7mm point, with a line width of 0.39mm• Available in 5 colours• Refillable pens• The black, blue, green and red option are made from 50% recycled material• Pack of 12

  • BIG DEAL Kit for Purpose Bat & Ball Pack

    Buy Playground Bat and Ball pack and save 10%. A great value pack to get the class playing tennis.Contains:• 12 x foam balls• 3 x yellow rackets• 3 x green rackets• 3 x red rackets• 3 x blue rackets

  • Kit For Purpose Bat and Ball Pack

    This pack has everything you need for a primary school tennis lesson.Contains:• 12 x high bounce balls• 3 x yellow junior tennis rackets • 3 x green junior tennis rackets • 3 x blue junior tennis rackets • 3 x red junior tennis rackets

  • Tough Playground Balls

    These hard-wearing playballs are made from 2-ply butyl rubber and finished with a tough stippled surface making it an ideal playground ball.• Size: 210mm(dia)• Colours: red, green, yellow and blue• Pack of 4

  • Perforated Balls

    Perforated plastic balls that can be used for a range of activities including racket play. Age: 3 years+ (with supervision).• Available in 2 diameters• Colours: red, blue, green and yellow• Pack of 12

  • Coloured Tennis Balls

    These great value tennis balls are not considered as suitable for competitive tennis, but can be used for many other ball games.• Assorted colours: red, blue, green and yellow• Pack of 12

  • First-Play® Soft Touch Balls

    Available in two sizes, these balls are very durable with a soft texture giving them greater gripping properties.• Available in 2 diameters• Colours: red, blue, green and yellow• Pack of 4

  • Sensory Rainbow Glitter Balls

    …for young children with fascinating sparkling stardust which swirls around the inside of the balls as they are moved. Ideal for captivating the imagination and improving concentration skills. Age: 3 years+.• Set of 7 in red, silver, gold, green, blue, pink and purple• Size: 65mm diameter

  • Butterfly Compact Table Tennis Table

    …frame• Foldable legs for easy storage• Wheels on each half for ease of movement• Supplied with Butterfly clip net and with 2 sponge bats and 3 balls• No assembly required• Outdoor model supplied with cover• Available in two sizes and colours• 3/4 Open dimensions: 1150mm(w) x 2060mm(d) x…

  • Soft Feel Playballs

    A medium weight 'soft feel' ball with an easy to use inflate/deflate valve. These balls can be used in all types of ball games.• Supplied in 4 colours• Available in 2 diameters• Does not include latex • Available as single balls, a pack of 4 (1 of each colour) or a pack of 12 (3…

  • Sure Shot Star Netballs

    A great quality training ball with a hard wearing moulded rubber cover and latex bladder, perfect for use in schools.• Available in sizes 4 and 5• Sold singly

  • Molten Rubber Soft Volleyball

    …for introducing new and younger players into the game. The ball allows for confidence and ball control to be built quickly, due to its anti-sting latex rubber surface.• British Volleyball Federation approved• Official size 5 • Available in pink and blue versions• Sold singly

  • BIC® Cristal Ballpoint Pens

    Hexagonal shape for easy grip with a quality carbide ball for smooth writing.• Hexagonal shape for easy grip• Write out length: 2100m• Ventilated cap• Available in 4 colours• Box of 50

  • Short Handle Junior Mini Tennis Rackets

    Heavy-duty, durable rackets complete with foam grips to make it easier for younger children to hold.• For use with foam balls • Safety cord hoop• Available in 4 colours• Sold singly or as a pack of 4 (1 of each colour)

  • Pilot B2P Retractable Ballpoint Pen

    …smearing. A handy, fun and eco friendly pen. Shaped like a water bottle, it has a rigid and durable tungsten carbide ball. • Manufactured from 94% PET recycled plastic bottles• High performance oil-based ink dries quickly and looks great• Available in black or blue• Refillable

  • Gilbert Blaze Training Netball

    …match ball for schools or clubs with durable moulded construction and a blended rubber ball surface giving almost perfect roundness.The ball has been embossed with the traditional seam lines and the duragrip technology offers pebble like grip that gives good handling properties.The Blaze match balls

  • Consortium S2 Ballpoint Pens

    High quality stick ballpoint pen, with tungsten carbide ball and ventilated cap.• Medium point, 1.0mm nib• 0.5mm line width• Clear barrel • Available in a choice of 5 colours• Box of 50

  • BIC® Cristal Medium Grip Pens

    Cristal grip medium ballpoint pen with a comfortable rubber grip and a quality carbide ball for smooth writing.• Medium point 1.0mm nib, with a line width of 0.4mm• Available in a choice of 3 colours• Box of 20

  • Butterfly Spirit Table Tennis Table

    …playing surface• 2 separate halves fold away into a central undercarriage making it safe and easy to move• Supplied with a clip net and post set, 2 sponge bats and 3 balls• Open dimensions: 1530mm(w) x 2750mm(d) x 770mm(h)• Storage dimensions: 1630mm(w) x 640mm(d) x 1690(h)• Suitable for indoor use

  • Gilbert Blaze Training Netballs 10pk

    Value bundle deal of Gilbert's quality Blaze training netball, featuring durable moulded construction and a blended rubber ball surface giving almost perfect roundness.Rubber bladder suited to longer lasting on outdoor courts, as the grip does not wear down as quickly as other netballs.• New…

  • Eurohoc® Secondary School Set

    …you need to get you started. Sticks are also available individually.Contains:• 6 x Eurohoc® green 85cm shaft sticks• 6 x Eurohoc® blue 85cm shaft sticks• 2 x Eurohoc® balls• 2 x Eurohoc® pucks• 1 x Eurohoc® holdall• 1 x Eurohoc® rules sheet

  • Cosy Touch Playballs

    These balls have a soft-touch outer surface for comfort during catching and throwing. • Size: 140mm(dia)• Colours: red, green, blue and yellow• Pack of 4

  • Artline Clixstamper

    An ideal and efficient combination for teachers when marking and motivating. A retractable ball point pen with a built in 9mm pre-inked stamp.• 0.7mm ballpoint pen• Side click advance and retract mechanism• Pocket clip• Up to 5,000 impressions with no need for a stamp pad•…

  • Butterfly Easifold Rollaway Tables

    …Supplied with a Butterfly clip net and post set, 2 reverse sponge bats and 3 practice quality balls• Outdoor model supplied with cover• Ready assembled• Suitable for use indoors• Available in green and blue tops• Open dimensions: 1530mm(w) x 2750mm(d) x 770mm(h)• Storage dimensions:…

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