• Gingerbread House Cards

    Everything you need to make these gorgeous glittery gingerbread house cards.• Pack contains: 30 copper glitter card house shapes and stands, paper frosting shapes and holographic paper dots• Instructions and ideas booklet included• Size 190mm x 150mm• Pack of 30

  • Physical Animal Discovery Globe with Booklet 23cm

    …perfect for discovering what animals thrive in what environments.The globe ball sits atop a circular base which allows it to be lifted off and viewed from any angle. Includes an information booklet containing information about every featured animal.• New Product 2022 • Diameter: 23cm

  • Weather Vane

    A robust vane which can be hand held or fixed permanently. Comes complete with a booklet highlighting the use of weather instruments.• Size: 270mm(w) x 80mm(d) x 270mm(h)

  • Basic Shapes Set

    A comprehensive set of shapes designed to meet the needs of the curriculum.• 44 pieces in compressed foam with a booklet detailing shapes

  • Festival of Flowers Bulk Pack

    Create flowers of all different sizes, shapes and designs, from posies to bouquets. An excellent activity pack with fully illustrated instructions and ideas booklet included.• Assorted shapes and colours• Size: 70mm to 170mm dia.• Pack of 500

  • Standard Coloured Artstraws

    Coloured thin Artstraws ideal for all age groups to build models and make collages.• Colours - red, green, yellow and blue• 4mm diameter, pack of approx. 1800• Box contains an Art and Craft and a Design and Technology ideas booklet

  • Jumbo Coloured Artstraws

    • Coloured Jumbo Artstraws - red, green, yellow and blue• 6mm diameter, pack of approx 900• Box contains an Art and Craft and a Design and Technology ideas booklet

  • Fleecy Stockings

    Pre-punched stocking blanks in red fleecy fabric, ready to be made and decorated. Ideal as a take-home gift. Collage material not included.• Ideas booklet included• Size: 310mm x 250mm• Pack of 30 - makes 15 stockings

  • Assorted Coloured Artstraws

    • Box of approx. 1350 thin and thick Artstraws• Assorted colours including red, green, yellow and blue• Approx. 900 x 4mm diameter Artstraws• Approx. 450 x 6mm diameter Artstraws• Box contains an Art and Craft and a Design and Technology ideas booklet

  • Anemometer

    This anemometer gives a direct wind speed reading on two clear simple scales, up to Beaufort Scale 9 (approx. 50mph). It can be hand held or fixed permanently.• Includes booklet highlighting the use of weather instruments within the curriculum• Size: 270mm(h)• Sold singly

  • First Magnetism Experiments Kit

    …investigations, all in a carry box for neat storage. Age: 3 years+.Contains:• 4 x wands• 20 x magnetic marbles• 2 x plastic cased magnets• 1 x super magnet• 1 x small horseshoe magnet• 1 x compass magnet• Set of floating ring magnets• Information booklet

  • Macro Forces Kit

    A bumper kit full of resources which can be used for investigating forces and motion. Includes a booklet full of worksheets and experiment ideas, pupils will learn all about gravity, friction and inertia.Contains:• Clamp stand and clamps• Pulleys• Force meters• Lollipop…

  • Tactile Stars

    Everything you need for this simple threading activity to produce wonderful results. • Pack contains: 30 large (155mm) and 30 small (80mm) glitter star shape cards in silver and gold, plus assorted silver and gold fabric strips• Instructions and ideas booklet included• Pack of 60

  • Educational Solar Kit Model

    …A kit comprising 400 mA solar module, low-inertial DC motor, connecting lead, fan impeller and selection of turntable discs. Supplied complete with booklet explaining the principles and applications of solar energy, this kit is an ideal educational introduction to solar power.• New Product 2022

  • Solar Power Educational Kit

    …8 x solar modules• Low-inertia motor• Impeller• Connecting lead and copper links for cell interconnections • Housings and brackets • Information booklet covering principles of solar power, together with useful connection diagrams and output calculation formulae

  • Show-me® Ergo-Foam Dry Wipe Bats

    …assorted colours• Double sided; one side plain, the reverse either plain or lined• Lightweight, soft and safe• Glossy smooth writing area size: 210mm(w) x 150mm(h)• Pack of 10 boards complete with 10 drywipe pens, foam erasers and Teachers resources booklet (magnets not included)

  • Air Raid Patrol Pack

    …others during air raids. Why not ask your pupils what they think life as an ARP volunteer was really like?Contains:• ARP armband• Badge• Board with moveable hands to show what time blackout was• Collection of personal documents, including an ARP booklet and air raid information

  • Sakkaro

    …stacked, nested or interlocked. Great for use on a light table. Discover an endless variety of colourful shapes and patterns. Complete with ideas booklet which shows over 100 colourful patterns and shapes. Age: 3 years+.• Size: largest piece 100mm x 100mm x 35mm• Storage box included

  • Big Box of Sentence Building

    …blank puzzle pieces that can be used with write-on/wipe-off crayons or dry erase markers. The pieces are also colour-coded by the part of speech it represents. Contains:• 250 Puzzle pieces• Four page booklet with directions• Teaching suggestions• Games• Size: 50mm x 50mm

  • Tune into...

    …sounds.Packs contain: • 30 photo cards, split into two sets covering different topic areas, audio CD with sound sequences for the games and a booklet of notes• The games can be played with individuals or groups. When players hear the sound that matches one of their cards, they turn it over

  • Show-me® Magnetic Board Group Pack

    …1 x A3 magnetic drywipe board, ideal for teachers• 12 x Slim dry wipe markers• 12 x Mini magnetic erasers• 1 x Tub of 286 lowercase magnetic letters• 1 x Tub of 286 magnetic numbers and maths symbols• All presented in a multi-coloured storage trunk• Comes with a FREE Teachers Resources booklet

  • K'NEX Education® Stem Explorations Vehicles Building Set

    …7 vehicle models with different power sources, including push-power, rubber band power, wind power or a spring motor. Once built, a downloadable booklet guides students through 5 hands-on, inquiry-based experiments on several of the models. Students will learn about potential and kinetic energy,…

  • Little Tin of Coronavirus Worries Activity Cards

    …family. EMOTIONS – anger, sadness, disappointment. POSITIVES – gratitude, determination, creativity. THE FUTURE – masks, plans, exams.A teachers’ booklet is included in the pack with notes for guidance which offers suggestions for use with individuals or groups. Author Eve Wilson has over 35 years…

  • Rapid Recall

    …Recall Whiteboards • 6 x Drywipe Pen• 6 x Mini Foam Eraser• 1 x Answer CD• 6 x Teacher Handbooks180 Monster Pack Includes: • 30 x A3 Rapid Recall Whiteboards of each year • 180 Drywipe Pens & Foam Erasers• 1 x Answer CD• 6 x Teacher Booklets (1 for each year)

  • Jumbo Artstraws

    Jumbo version of standard Artstraws.• Available in white or assorted colours• Includes ideas booklet• Size: 6mm(dia.) x 415mm(l) • Pack of 900

  • Maddison Globe

    …world's major features and borders. Mounted on a durable plastic base and graduated meridian. Suitable for advanced geographic study, with Information booklet. Pack size: single.•Mounted on a durable, plastic base.•Nearly 5000 pieces of information.•Supplied with information booklet.

  • Standard Artstraws

    Artstraws are great for all sorts of creative applications, as well as exploring structure and movement.• Available in white or assorted colours• Includes ideas booklet• Size: 4mm(dia.) x 415mm(l) • Pack of 1800

  • Assorted Artstraws

    Assorted pack of standard and jumbo Artstraws, one fits inside the other to give a turning movement.• Available in white or assorted colours• Includes ideas booklet• Size: 415mm(l)• Contains: 900 x 4mm(dia.) and 450 x 6mm(dia.) straws

  • Popoids Superset

    The unique, flexible building system which links wheels, bodies and heads with bendy 'popping' connectors. Great fun to use, endless design possibilities. Age: 12 months+.• Packed in a deep Gratnells storage tray• Includes instruction and activity booklet• Set of 140 pieces

  • Show-me A4 Phoneme Frame Drywipe Boards

    …with a 6 frame phoneme template and handwriting lines. All boards are also double-sided and feature a plain reverse.Contains:• 35 x 6 Frame Phoneme drywipe boards• 35 x Show-me drywipe pens• 35 x Mini foam erasers• 1 x Teachers resources booklet• Board Size: 300mm x 210mm

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