Bug Collection

  • Bug Bottle

    An excellent temporary storage bottle for use when collecting bugs and insects. The clear sides allow easy examination of the creatures and a powerful magnifying glass built into the twist-on lid allows even minute details to be clearly visible. A plastic handle makes it easy to carry. Age: 3…

  • Bug Hut

    Use this bug hut to collect, examine and release all sorts of insects, a great way to get children interested in nature. The wire mesh cage and sliding door is ideal for keeping bugs and butterflies for observation before releasing. Age: 3 years+.• Robust wire mesh cage • Sliding…

  • Life Cycles Science Kit

    …Guide to dispersal of fruits and seeds• Frog lifecycle poster• Petri dishes• Magnifying glasses• Measuring cylinder• Plastic cups• Lollipop sticks• Bug collection pots• Pipettes• Model insects• Seeds and beans• Trowel• Teachers' guide

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