• Young Builders Construction Kit

    Create a construction site indoors or outside. Age: 3 years+.This kit includes:• 1 x cement mixer• 4 x builders hats• 2 x buckets• 2 x building tool sets (6 pieces)• 1 x wheelbarrow

  • Builders Costumes

    Builders costume has bib 'n' brace dungarees with tool belt/pouch including adjustable safety helmet. Saturn yellow high visibility vests have a hook and loop fasten front and reflective body bands. Plastic builders hat is a great addition to any dressing up box. Age: 3 years+.• Hi-vis jacket…

  • Building Bricks

    Building with life-size bricks will make children feel like real little builders. Choose from breeze blocks for building site play and large construction or red bricks that are the size and colour of a real house brick. Made from foam which is strong and light, and ideal for indoor and outdoor use.…

  • Busy Builder Construction Kit

    …counting bricks and collaborating with others. All a busy builder could want to help them do the job right! Contents may vary. Age: 3 years+.Contains:• 25 x realistic foam bricks• 2 x building sets• 1 x pull cart• 4 x builder's hats• 4 x high-vis vests• 1 x mixing tray

  • Role Play Backdrops

    …a stable corner and the banners transform the corner into a role play space. With a wide range of themes to choose from you can create a builders yard, explore the arctic, dive down to under the sea and much more.• Sold in pairs• Made from PVC• Can be used inside and outdoors•…

  • Brick Layer Set

    This brightly coloured Bricklayer Set includes a brick shaper, a builders and plastering trowel. Use the brick shaper to construct bricks out of sand and build a wall. When the wall's been built, it'll need plastering and then knocking down to start all over again! Age: 3 years+.

  • Builder's Yard

    The wooden versatile yard is ideal for creative and imaginative play where the children can fill the sections with different construction materials. Play tools can be hung on the hooks at the back of the yard. Age: 2 years+.• Size: 1800mm(l) x 600mm(d) x 500mm(h)

  • Waterway Pipe Builders

    …product is great for water channelling. Create twisting, turning constructions that are perfect for water play with these easy to construct pipe builders. It has 46 slide together pieces and 4 tunnels for a solid structure which children can watch as water flows through the translucent pipes. Age: 3…

  • Grippies Builders

    The toddler STEM building toy system, Grippies Builders, combines tactile exploration, magnetic play and an introduction to the basic principles of engineering and geometry. Grippies unique, magnetic rod and ball configuration provide a secure, frustration-free set of construction options as…

  • Builders yard

    Built to last, these units can be kept outside in all weathers and are ideal for playgrounds and indoor play areas. With solid playtec plastic tops the children will have endless fun. Age: 3 years+.• Size: 1220mm(w) x 460mm(d) x 1280mm(h)

  • Spanish Vocabulary Builders

    Learn the essential Spanish vocabulary for key topics. Our Spanish Vocabulary Builders are ideal for teaching new words.• Made from laminated card

  • Mini Builder's Bench

    Encourage your children to role play as architects, builders or construction workers with our Builder’s Bench. There is plenty of space for pupils to work on plus handy holes for them to place their tools and equipment. This unit can also be used as a writing bench or as an investigation station for…

  • French Vocabulary Builders

    Learn the essential French vocabulary, with a variety of topics. Developed with the help of a Primary French teacher, our French Vocabulary Builders are ideal for teaching key topics.• Suitable for 5 to 13 years• 21 available topics• Made from laminated card

  • Role Play Hats

    A choice of four different hats, a great addition to your dressing up box. Age: 3 years+.• Sold singly• One size fits all

  • Builder's Hat

    Plastic hard hat with front sticker logo. Age 3 years+.

  • Magnetic Fraction Builders

    Fractions are represented in two different ways; the circular pieces show how fractions can describe part of a group while the rectangular pieces show how fractions can describe part of a length. The 4mm thick foam pieces are printed on a wipe clean material.• Contains 106 pieces

  • Magnetic Builder Pieces

    Explore concepts of equivalency with these colour-coded magnetic pieces. Students can combine the pieces to create a whole, mix and match pieces to compare parts of a whole, equivalent values, compare fractions, decimals and percentages in bar and circle form. The 4mm thick foam pieces are…

  • Heavy-Duty Bucket

    Heavy duty bucket with rubber grip on handle.• Black• Capacity: 13.5 litre• Sold singly

  • Giant Polydron Vehicle Builders Set

    Children will learn how to push, grab and pull their models which will aid co-ordination. The set comes complete with a picture guide. Make all sorts of models such as a hot rod, tractor, bus or a racing car. Freely rotating wheels add a new dimension of movement. Pieces are marked with Braille to…

  • Builder's Costume

    The builders costume has polyester bib 'n' brace dungarees with tool belt/pouch including adjustable safety helmet. Age: 3-5 years.

  • Giant Polydron House Builder

    Budding young builders and architects will love to construct their own buildings with this attractive set. Giant Polydron House Builder contains enough pieces to build a house, a skyscraper, a church or any design from within a child’s imagination. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, the…

  • interstar Masterbuilder

    A set offering the basic components of the interstar range. Packed in a storage tub with a mini building base lid. Age: 3 years+.• Set of 70 pieces

  • Sentence Flip Stand

    This unique flip stand provides the ideal way to teach children about the structure of sentences. The book is double-sided with different themes and sentence structure on each side. To aid learning, parts of speech are colour coded into pronouns, nouns, verbs, adverbs, adjectives, prepositions and…

  • Wilks Team Builder Sets

    Ideal for senior school softball games, this set contains everything required for school and club practise sessions including a handy teaching pack with rules and games ideas.Contains: •2 x Big Hitter Maxi softball bats (34")•2 x Storm softballs• 2 x Hurricane softballs•10 x 12"…

  • French Sentence Builder

    This set has been designed to enable pupils to identify parts of speech and to create simple sentences in French. The poster and cards are colour-coded to aid the identification process. Use the poster to sort the cards into the relevant parts of speech; the sentence frame at the bottom of the…

  • Occupation Costumes

    A great selection of occupational fancy dress costumes, perfect for role play. Age: 3-5 years.

  • Aresson Team Builder Rounders Set

    A good all round set for practise games for more proficient Key Stage 2 players and Secondary school players. Contains:• 4 x Aresson Image rounders bats • 1 x Aresson Autocrat rounders ball• 1 x Aresson Bullet rounders ball• 4 x 1.2m posts with safety caps• 4 x bases• 1…

  • Natural Wooden Castle Building Blocks

    These traditional building blocks have a modern twist and are sure to inspire creativity for budding architects, builders and storytellers. The set comes complete with knights and is made from rubberwood. Age: 10 months+.• Supplied in a box with a calico bag• Set of 46 blocks

  • Grippies Curves

    Introduce young builders to organic construction and social emotional expression with the curved shapes of toddler STEM toy Grippies Curves. Inspired by shapes found in nature, the colourful curved rods with secure magnetic ends encourage magnetic and tactile exploration through patterning and 3D…

  • Loose Parts Activity Unit

    …is a storage solution but also a hub for imaginative creations. Designed as a hub for imaginative creations, it can also be used as portable storage. Build on, attach, post, hang things and thread on to the unit. Children can be engineers, designers, builders and artists. Accessories not included.

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