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  • Calming Weighted Blanket

    Ideal for children who need help calming down, relaxing and sleeping. Made in a soft, breathable material to reduce potential overheating for the child. All blankets are red on one side with a complimentary colour on the reverse.• Made from polyester• Available in three different weights

  • Weighted Neck Pad

    The sensation of calming deep pressure on the shoulders can be helpful in reducing anxiety and increase a sense of calm. This shaped neck pad snuggles around the shoulders and upper back and is made of soft velour material, filled with PVC grains. Age: 3 years.• Size: 430mm(l)• Weight: 1.4kg

  • A Tummy Full Of Fireworks

    …to manage their feelings in a good way but also provides coping strategies.Contains:• 1 x A4 44pp workbook• 1 x CD with worksheets in full-colour• 1 x Calming windmill• 1 x Little Miss Angry cushion with laminated notes.• 1 x Little Mister Angry cushion with laminated notes.

  • Pop-Up Sensory Space

    A calming, safe sensory space for children to relax, unwind or explore. This lightweight pop-up area can be used anywhere, takes seconds to erect and quickly folds down. Perfect as a relaxing, quiet or calm zone, away from noise and distractions for children to chill out. Alternatively use with…

  • Chews

    Perfect for children with autism who have sensory processing needs. Also for those who require help with oral motor strengthening. An ideal size for children to hold, the different textured surfaces provide sensory input. These are fun and appropriate alternatives for children who chew on their…

  • Positive Thinking Poster Set

    …poster to give opportunities for discussion in class.• Positive reinforcement posters based around; Learning for Life, Healthy Living, Keeping Calm, Working Together, Success, Good To Be Me, Going for Goals, Problem Solving, Communication and Getting On• Supports EAL• Set of 10 •…

  • Mark Making Sequin Long Boards

    …attached to the wall vertically or horizontally. Some children will find this a rewarding, curious activity. Others will find it soothing and calming. A lovely addition to your environment. Age: 3 years+•Must be wall mounted, pre-drilled holes (fixings not included)•Fabric and…

  • Calming Sensory Balls

    Provides a multi-sensory experience that will awaken the senses or calm children down. The balls massage the entire body, provide buoyant support, deep-pressure sensation and encourage relaxation.• Made from polyethylene• Pack of 500• Size: 75mm diameter

  • Calming Cat Worry Toy and Coaching Cards

    …own mental health and wellbeing.•Encourages children to discuss their worries and anxieties•Helps children to identify and talk about their feelings•Includes tummy pocket for holding comforting objects•A weighted resource calming to hold•Help to develop coping strategies

  • Neutral Tones Display Papers

    These display rolls are ideal for nature and natural displays, or to create a calm space. • Included four neutral colours - two of each• 80gsm• Size: 1020mm(w) x 10m(l) roll• Pack of 8 rolls

  • Sensory Self-Regulation Collection

    A collection of sensory resources that will calm and relax children when they are overwhelmed by their surroundings.•Includes resources for under and over-sensitive children•Helps to reduce anxiety•Provides a rich and diverse sensory diet•Helps develop coping strategies

  • Jellyfish Tank

    …way. The colours can be randomly set so that with each stare the colours have changed providing a new delight to the eyes and senses. This will calm down even the most agitated children. Use in a dark room for the ultimate sensory experience or in a regular classroom environment to enjoy with…

  • Sensory Touch Tags Bean Bag Floor Cushion

    …textured tags for a soft, safe and calming sensory experience. Ideal for children with sensory processing disorders or use an inclusive learning resource. Multiple seating positions availability allows versatile use and is a comfortable safe space for calming down.• Great source of proprioceptive…

  • Mat & Bolster Set

    Mat and bolster set upholstered in chenille using neutral, calming colours. The 2 bolsters are ideal for supporting young children.• Sponge clean only• Bolster size: 190mm(dia) x 1020mm(l)• Mat size: 1400mm(w) x 1400mm(l) x 30mm(h)

  • Hessian Unframed Noticeboard

    These hessian noticeboard are ideal for creating a calming and relaxing classroom environment.• Suitable for pins and staples• Ideal for portrait or landscape use• Wall fixings included• 2 year product guarantee

  • Vibrating Weighted Lap Buddy

    Our weighted cat offers a gentle vibration when the child strokes its back, which provides a relaxing, calming and tactile stimulation. The cat also comes with a weighted blanket to provide additional deep pressure input, they can be used together or separately. Using vibration will help children…

  • Large Snuggle Pillow Den

    …cushion den will complete nurseries with a space for children to socialise, relax and have fun. Supplied in natural colours only it creates a calming environment, with cushions to enhance the tactile experience it also offers great comfort and back support.• Wipe clean finish• Supplied with 6…

  • Louis the Ladybird Lap Weight

    Ideal for providing a deep, calming pressure for children who are anxious or need help with sensory processing. Made in a soft, plush material, these weights can also be useful for children who like fidgeting to help them sit still.• Available in two different weights• Size: 500mm(dia.)

  • Weighted Palm Buddy

    Palm buddies are heavy and soft to hold. The impact of holding the palm buddies is calming and grounding. They can be used in the hand for carpet time, assembly time, listening to stories or for supporting a child to focus on instructions. Age: 3 years.• Pack of 2• Weight: 907g

  • Weighted Lap Buddy

    This friendly lap buddy makes it easy to introduce the concept of weighted equipment for calming without the focus being on the therapeutic benefits. Children will enjoy holding, stroking and carrying the pet. It comes with a small weighted blanket to provide additional deep pressure input for the…

  • Double sided baby mat

    …features one side for playing, with colourful and stimulating pictures, baby mirror, multiple textures and attached lady bug pal. The flip side is for calming the baby down and only shows a picture of the lady bug pal heading to sleep. Age: birth+.• Size: 40inches x 60inches• Two sided

  • Weighted Ankle Bands

    Promote muscle strength, stability or calming sensation for children with a sensory disorder. Made from velvety soft material and filled with PVC grains, the weights wrap securely around the ankle and fasten with adhesive strips.• Pack of 2• W5 x L32cm• Weight 250g

  • Soft Sofa Seating

    …and soft toys. • The frame is made from durable and easy clean maple melamine boards with a maple wood grain• High quality matt finish covers are fire resistant, durable and easy to clean• Strong dense foam core resits bending and twisting • Calming coloured covers can be removed if required

  • Netural Aluminium FlameShield

    This natural tricord hessian noticeboard is ideal for creating a calming and relaxing classroom environment.Noticeboard core and bonded textile are fire retardant as a composite, meeting Class 0 when assessed to BS 476 Parts 6 and 7, and comply with Class B-s1, d0 when tested to BS-EN13501-1…

  • Sensory Light Kit

    Sensory lights provide a stimulating sensory environment that allows children to unwind and relax. This kit contains dazzling lights and calming sounds, that will help promote, active engagement and improve perceptual skills like tracking and scanning. Turn any sensory room, classroom or bedroom…

  • Rechargeable Sensory Hurricane Tube

    …which rise and fall creating a stimulating effect. The speed of the fan can be adjusted for varying degrees of visual stimulation.•Provides a calming and mesmerising effect•Helps develop visual tracking skills•Rechargeable, making it safe for all•No water means less maintenance…

  • FlameShield Tamperproof Noticeboard

    This natural tricord hessian noticeboard is ideal for creating a calming and relaxing classroom environment.Noticeboard core and bonded textile are fire retardant as a composite, meeting Class 0 when assessed to BS 476 Parts 6 and 7, and comply with Class B-s1, d0 when tested to BS-EN13501-1…

  • Geo Wipe Clean Antimicrobial Teepee

    Designed with an engaging print on the covering, this teepee comes with traditional style wooden poles. Providing a calming space as well as the ideal quiet space for a book corner or breakout zone. Quick and easy to assemble, can be folded down and compactly stored. Doorway includes hook and loop…

  • Social and Emotional Fix

    …2 x Foam Lions• 1 x A4 Good Listening Poster• 1 x Mirror• 1 x Wobble Toy• 1 x Block of Plasticine• 20 x Coloured Counters• 4 x Happy/Sad Face Cards• 1 x Calming card• 5 x Prompt Postcards (I belong, I can, I am liked, I am brave and I like myself).

  • Eco Loose Parts

    …STEAM based learning as it integrates an array of skills. Children can explore symbolic play as they construct and balance, create designs in a calming and focused activity or explore nature. Use alongside tinker trays and other accessories and as the children carefully select pebbles, jewels,…

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