Changing Materials

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  • Changing Materials Science Kit

    Bumper kit of resources for use in lessons on changing materials. Suggested activities include mixing, separating and changing materials, comparing solids and liquids and examining what happens when materials are heated, as well as defining solids, liquids and gases.Contains:• Plastic…

  • Gopak 7 Hook Bench

    …the same material as the Enviro Outdoor Range of furniture, these changing room benches are the ideal products for school changing rooms, gyms, swimming pools, leisure centres or general work environments. As the bench seats are impervious to water, they are hygienic and practical for changing

  • Light & Shadows Kit

    …formed?• How do shadows change throughout the day?• Does the sun shine from the same direction at the same time each day?• How do we know the Earth spins on its axis?• Which surfaces reflect light best?• Do all materials let light through?• How a shadow can change?

  • Colop Self-Inking Date Received Stamp

    …Green Line stamp allows you to label received post clearly with the date and by whom. It is made from at least 65% recycled materials.• Simply turn the wheel to change the date• Two colour stamp pad; date in red, text in blue• Size of imprint: 45mm x 24mm• Height of date: 4mm

  • Magic Light Table

    …make imprints. The organic surface is safe to use with dry materials such as rice, sand, oats and materials, or with wet material such as watercolour paints and dry-wipe markers. Age: 3 years+.• 16 light colours and 4 colour change sequences• Size: 470mm(dia) x 150mm(h)• Weight: 2kg

  • Macro Science Kit - Our Body KS1

    An excellent selection of materials to assist young children to learn about humans. Study growth, health and variation with activities such as naming external body parts, hand spans, using your senses, growth and change and investigating height.Contains:• Soundtracks game• Wooden…

  • FlameShield Indoor Showcase Noticeboards

    …Showcase is the stylish and professional way to display childrens' work or other material to impress your visitors. The showcase features gas strut assisted door opening for ease of use and hassle free changing of information. Hinged and double locking door features fire rated and virtually…

  • Freelife Pants

    …programme. They feature extra soft and stretchy side panels for easy changing. The anti-leak cuffs and fast absorption technologies provide long-lasting protection against wetness and leakage. Gentle and breathable materials are kind to the skin, helping reduce signs of nappy rash. A great…

  • Colop Self-Inking Date Stamp

    S220 Green Line stamp is made from at least 65% recycled materials.• Prints date, month and year• Simply turn the wheels to change the date• Year band is valid for 12 years• Height of date: 4mm• Width of date: 22mm

  • Magic Light Easel

    …and any paint or material placed on the glass surface becomes enlightened. Children can draw on the easel from both sides at the same time using their fingers, various brushes, non-permanent markers, making imprints with palms and in many other ways. The same painting will change like a chameleon…

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