Charcoal Soft Pastels

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  • Charcoal Soft Pastels

    Square soft charcoal pastels which are easy to apply. Charcoal produces a variety of tones and shades. The black charcoal gives a strong contrast to white paper and produces strong results.• Pack of 12

  • Lyra Artists Pencil Sketching Set

    …11-piece set, which includes: Titan 2B pencil, Soft Carbon pencil, Black Chalk pencil, Sanguine pencil (oil based), Sanguine pencil (dry) , Light Brown Sepia pencil (oil free), Medium White Chalk pencil (oil free), Square Ochre Pastel (7x7 mm), 6B Charcoal Stick (7x14 mm), 1 x Kneadable eraser, 1 x…

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