• Chroma Acrylic Essentials 12 Pack 500ml

    High specification acrylic paint especially designed for school use.• One each of white, black, cool yellow, warm yellow, cool red, warm red, cool blue, warm blue, brown, purple, orange and green• Can be mixed with water to mimic watercolour effects• High pigment load• Non-toxic,…

  • Chromacryl Student Acrylic Paint

    Chromacryl is a non-toxic acrylic paint that can be used for all kinds of painting, collage, stained glass effects, as an adhesive for waste material constructions and as an ink for block and screen printing including textiles. Drying to a silky lustre, Chromacryl gives a long lasting waterproof…

  • Chromacryl Acrylic Essentials 2L

    Excellent quality Chromacryl paint. Perfect for classroom projects. Available in a range of colours, 2 litre bottles are ideal for decanting. • 2L bottles

  • Cool Tones Rolls

    • 1 Crocus, 1 Chroma Blue, 1 Chroma Green, 1 Oyster• Size: 1.36m x 11m rolls

  • Photographic Backdrop Rolls

    …studio.• Cool white: 2 rolls each of Arctic White and Polar White• Grey scale: Black, Seal Grey, Smoke Grey, Cloud Grey• Warm tones: Sulphur, Cherry, Hazelnut, Copper• Cool tones: Crocus, Chroma Blue, Chroma Green, Oyster• Size: 1.36m x 11m rolls• Pack of 4

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