Chromatic Combi Bells

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  • Chromatic Combi Bells 13 Notes

    A fun way to learn music without having to read notation, so they're great for group work! Simply tap the top to play or ring like a hand bell. This full 13 note set covers notes from C-C and includes C#, D#,F#,G# and Bb.• Great for group work.• Covers notes from C-C and includes C#,…

  • Hand Bell Set

    …desk bells. The add-on chromatic set consists of five sharps/flats for the standard octave, forming a different pentatonic scale. Combine it with the Diatonic set to create a full chromatic octave of 12 notes.• 8-note diatonic bell set: C major scale C64-C76• 5-note chromatic add-on bell

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