• Chubbi Eggs Crayons

    Made from a unique wax formula these shaped crayons enable toddlers to make their first marks without the frustration of a normal crayon. Age: 18 months+.• Assorted bright colours• Size: 48mm(l) x 45mm(dia.)

  • Chubbie Paint Dabbers

    These paint dabbers are easy to hold for small hands and much cleaner to use than paint. The good quality, quick drying paint is non-toxic and safe to use for children. Age: 3 years+.• Can be used on paper, card and fabric• Non spill cap • 75ml tubes• Assorted colour pack of 30…

  • Chalk and Crayon Classpack

    A money saving mixed pack of original chubbi stumps and chunki chalks.• Assorted colours• Size: 55mm(l) x 12mm(dia.)• Pack of 288, 144 of each type

  • Chubbi Stumps Crayons

    These wax crayons are specially shaped for small hands. • Non-toxic and hard to break• 8 Assorted colours• Size: 57mm(l) x 14mm(dia.)

  • Chubby Brushes

    These value for money brushes have an easy to grip, chubby handle that makes them great for the younger artist.• Made of hog bristles• Size 18• Size: 11mm(w) x 225mm(l)

  • Giant Daisy Pegs

    20 extra large chubby pegs made of indestructible flexible plastic. Match, sort, count, stack and make patterns. The peg board is made of soft rubbery material, totally unbreakable and safe. Age: 12 months+.• Size: 280mm x 280mm (approx)

  • Chubbies

    Mini Chubbies Bucket set of 30 pieces. 5 litre bucket including of mixed chubbie vehicles, planes and boats. Age: 1 year+.• Bucket size: 650mm x 230mm x 440mm• Car size: 70mm

  • Chubby Scooter

    This robust and durable scooter is ideal as a first scooter for toddlers. The design makes it comfortable to ride and will also provide good balance training and stimulate children's motor skills. Age: 12 months+.• Length: 590mm• Seat height: 240mm• Handle height: 380mm

  • Junior Chubby Brushes

    A large round brush with a soft plastic handle. Easy to use, ideal for beginners.• Colour: Orange• Size: 195mm(l)• Pack of 10

  • Cray-Pas Extra Wide Junior Oil Pastels

    An ideal pastel for the very young user. It is big and chunky and therefore very easy to hold. They are smooth and easy apply, ideal for mixing colours and applying them on top of each other.• Assorted colours• Size: 18mm(dia.)• Pack of 12

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