Circuit Kit

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  • Electricity Kit Plus

    Exclusive to The Consortium - Understand and build simple circuits with this great value kit, with its simple 'plug and play' design. Each module clearly displays the name of the component and its electrical symbol, making it easy to learn.Contains:• 1 x digital multimeter• 1 x magnetic switch…

  • Micro:bit Inventors Kit

    This Inventor's Kit is the perfect way to get started with programming and hardware interaction with the BBC micro:bit. The experiments included are say 'Hello' to the BBC micro:bit, using an LDR and analogue inputs, dimming an LED using a potentiometer, using a transistor to drive a motor, using…

  • Rechargeable Electricity Kit and Hubs

    A rechargeable electricity kit for teaching about electrical circuits. The components bases are manufactured from transparent resin, so children can clearly see all the connections and wiring.A rechargeable electricity kit for teaching about electrical circuits. Contains:• 6 x component…

  • Magnetic Electricity Components Kit

    Making circuits could not be easier. Using magleads, connections are made by simply putting the end of the lead into the component bases metal connectors. Clear wire is used so that children can see the metal core of the wire that transports the electric current around the circuit.This kit

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