Citrus Cleaner

  • Citra Clean Concentrate Cleaner & Degreaser

    A multi-purpose cleaner and degreaser that can be used diluted or undiluted depending on the application.• Dilution: 1:200 Can be used to clean upholstery and carpets as well as used on walls and terrazzo• Undiluted: Can be used to remove chewing gum,tar, grease, sealant from most…

  • Flash All-Purpose Cleaner

    A professional all-purpose cleaner for hard surfaces such as floors, walls, doors, tables and kitchen surfaces. It cleans quickly, efficiently, cutting through grease with half the effort versus the next best selling brand.• Can be used neat on most surfaces or diluted up to 100:1• Not to…

  • Orange Squirt Cleaner & Degreaser

    …yet gentle all round orange-based cleaner degreaser, which leaves a fresh citrus fragrance.• Safely and effectively removes grease, scuff marks, sticky residue, finger marks, ink marks and adhesive from walls and floors• Excellent spot cleaner for carpets and pre-laundry spray•…

  • Bio Blocks Biological Urinal Blocks

    …efficacy to remove fats, scale and solids that build up in urinal traps and pipe-work, causing odours and blockages. Recommended in use with Blu Away Biological Washroom Cleaner (001789).• Citrus perfume• Biological and pDCB free• Suited to septic tanks• 1.1kg tub of 50 blocks

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