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  • Classroom Clock

    These Classroom Clocks have a clear design and use simple teaching systems, making it easy for children to learn and read the time. The 'Past and To' clock enables pupils to tell the time in 'minutes past' and 'minutes to' the hour, with a silent sweeping second hand showing that the time is…

  • Time Clock Classroom Set 12 Hour

    Get the whole class involved in time-telling activities.• 1 demonstration clock• 24 geared mini-clocks• Size: 100mm(dia)

  • Bulk Value Measuring Time Kit

    …everything you need to support the teaching and learning of time at KS1 and KS2.Contains:• 1 - 15 minute sand timers• What can I do in a minute?• Time problem solving cards• TTS classroom clock• 6 x TTS battery stopwatches• Write on wipe off clock dial- 10 pack

  • Playmobil School Set

    …are many fun things to learn at the City Life Furnished School Building. The building contains 3 classrooms with toilets, lockers, a lift and a large staircase. The set features a working digital clock and a school bell. The history class set with functional blackboard has lots of accessories to…

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