Clock Faces

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  • Clock Faces Pack

    Pack of round, blank clock faces that can be drawn or painted on into your own design.• Round faces• Size: 170mm(dia) x 5mm(d)• Centre hole: 7mm(dia.) • Pack of 10

  • Teacher & Student Card Clocks

    …shows ’12 and 24 hour time’. Can be used to demonstrate setting the time on the clock face and writing the time underneath.• Teacher card size: 320mm x 390mm x 10mm• Student card size: 150mm x 200mm x 100mm• Teacher Clock Card sold singly• Student Clock Card sold as pack of 10

  • 7 Faces Large Teaching Clock

    Easy to read clock with 7 different faces- 12hr, 24hr, roman numerals, minutes, words, fractions and also a blank face.• Complete with desktop stand or can be wall mounted • Project card included• Size: 400mm x 400mm

  • Clock Face

    A solid wooden clock that incorporates a 12 hour clock face with movable wooden hands, plus 12 removable cylinders. Children will learn to tell the time as well as understanding numbers, each cylinder is printed with the corresponding number of dots. Numbers can also be linked by touch, simply by…

  • Clock Stamp

    Clock face with numerals. (For Stamp Pad, use code 910126.)• 12 hour face• Size: 40mm(dia)

  • Primary Time Teacher™ 24 Hour Learning Clock®

    …hour hand, this demonstration clock is geared so that the hands move in accurate increments. This teaching clock will develop an understanding of analogue time telling with the clock face but also features a window showing the corresponding digital time and AM or PM.• Clock measures 390mm(h)

  • 24 Hour Time Clock & Flip Stand

    …the hour, half-hour, quarter hour, or in 10-, 5-, and 1-minute increments. Excellent for whole class instruction or individual/group work. The clock face has moveable, colour-coded hour and minute hands that co-ordinate with the hours and minutes depicted on the flip cards.• Size: 540mm x 150mm

  • Salter Mechanical Kitchen Scale

    Stylish chrome finished clock face style scale• Weighs up to 5kg in 5g increments• Dishwasher safe weighing bowl• Scale fits inside bowl for neat storage

  • Roman Numeral Snap

    …snap game which supports children’s learning of Roman Numerals in a fun way. The cards cover I (1) to M (1,000) and demonstrate to children where they might find Roman Numerals still being used; clock faces, the names of Kings and Queens and there are also some sums to provide an extra challenge.

  • Tell the Time Snap

    …the different ways of showing the same time and this game will help. They will be trying to snap cards that equal the same time value as 18:00 and 6pm. The times are shown as a clock face, words, a digital time including am or pm and words such as noon and midday. Age: 5 years+.• 2-6 players

  • Time Activity Cards

    …and half past, the intermediate boards coded yellow, teach quarter past and quarter to the hour; and the advanced boards coded red show all time periods at 5 minute intervals. Contains 8 x A4 (297 x 210mm) drywipe PP boards with clock faces and 40 x A5 (148 x 210mm) activity cards. Age: 3+.

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