Cloud Paper

  • Fadeless Display Paper Combo Stockroom Assortment

    A handy display paper assortment of the most popular colours and designs.• Contains: 2 rolls each plain colour (flame red, canary yellow, apple green, royal blue, black and violet), 2 rolls each design (clouds, night sky, under the sea, tu-tone brick, tropical foliage and landscape) •…

  • Photographic Backdrop Rolls

    papers on the market. Produced in factories using sustainable paper pulp, the quality, colour consistency and weight ensure perfect results for the most discriminating studio.• Cool white: 2 rolls each of Arctic White and Polar White• Grey scale: Black, Seal Grey, Smoke Grey, Cloud

  • Macro Science Kit - Earth Science

    …weather and what is soil?Contains:• Clouds, Weather, Rainfall and The Earth posters• Clamp stand and clamps• Plastic pots• Plastic beakers• Petri dishes• Plastic funnels• Measuring cylinders• Filter papers• Nails• Spatulas• Magnifying…

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