Collage Pieces

  • Shimmer Shower

    Thousands of colourful metallic pieces great for collage and craft for a wide range of celebrations and festivals.• Size: 10mm x 15mm (approx.)• 100g bag

  • Sticky Bricks

    Coloured bricks for sticking, decorating, collage or modelling. They miraculously stick together when moistened with water to create anything your imagination allows. From lighthouses to dinosaurs, pirates to princesses, Sticky Bricks can be shaped, squeezed, cut, painted and much, much more, to…

  • Assorted Cork Pieces

    These assorted size and shape cork pieces are soft and easy to work with. They can be painted and glued making them an ideal material for any collage and craft work.• Size: 20mm(l)-40mm(l)• 100g bag - 50 pieces approx.

  • Mega Patterned Paper Mosaics

    Mega sized mosaic pieces ideal for decoration and collage in an assortment of patterned papers. • Size: 45mm dia. circle, 50mm² square and 45mm triangleā€¢ Pack of 1000

  • Felt Offcuts

    Mixed colour felt pieces. Suitable for collage, soft toy ears and eyes, etc.• Colours and sizes may vary • 500g bag

  • Coloured Pasta

    Bright and vibrant pasta shapes, ideal for threading and fine motor skills development activities. The pasta is non-toxic and is made in the UK. Pour into a sensory tray and bury textured items in the pasta for a sensory experience or use the pasta pieces for collaging.• 500g bag

  • Foam Shapes Bumper Pack

    Our 450 grams of foam is filled with big, easy-to-use, colourful pieces. Pieces are easy to glue and great for collage, mosaic and sorting activities. • 5 shapes• Assorted sizes, ranging from 1.25mm to over 50mm• Contains 4,475 pieces approx• Does not contain latex

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