Colop Stamps

  • Colop Self-Inking Date Stamp

    S220 Green Line stamp is made from at least 65% recycled materials.• Prints date, month and year• Simply turn the wheels to change the date• Year band is valid for 12 years• Height of date: 4mm• Width of date: 22mm

  • Colop Custom Self-Inking Stamps Printer 15

    …Custom Stamps are now ONLINE only!• Select your stamp(s) by clicking 'Add to Basket' above.• Purchase and keep your order number handy• Then either: return to here and click on the link below to design your stamp or, enter the words "custom stamp" into the search box• You can preview your stamp as…

  • Colop Self-Inking Date Received Stamp

    S260/L Green Line stamp allows you to label received post clearly with the date and by whom. It is made from at least 65% recycled materials.• Simply turn the wheel to change the date• Two colour stamp pad; date in red, text in blue• Size of imprint: 45mm x 24mm• Height of date:…

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