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Coloured Pencil Crayons

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  • Staedtler Noris Tri Colouring Pencils

    Classpacks of high quality triangular colouring pencils. Ergonomically designed, comfortable and easy to use. • In a range of 12 beautiful colours• High break-resistance• Attractive stripe and stars design• Soft, non-slip surface • Made from the innovative WOPEX…

  • Consortium Hexagonal Chunky Colouring Pencils

    Chunky hexagonal colouring pencils, ideal for small hands and developing colouring skills. • Break resistant• Size: 10mm dia. pencil with 6mm dia. lead• Assorted colours

  • Lakeland Blendable Colour Pencils

    High quality colouring pencils perfect for the younger artist. • Hardwearing coloured strip • Blendable and easy to use • Assorted colours• Available as a pack of 12 or a box of 360, 30 each of 12 colours

  • Lakeland Jumbo Colouring Pencils

    These large hexagonal shaped pencils ensures maximum grip. They are long lasting and break resistant.• Thick soft 5.4mm colour strip for easy colour laydown• 12 assorted colours• Pack of 12 or a Box of 144 - 12 of each colour

  • STABILO® Woody 3 in 1 Colouring Pencils

    …fun colours. Works on dark surfaces and great for colouring large areas.• Colouring pencil, watercolour and wax crayon all in one• High colour intensity, even on dark paper and glass - it is easy to wipe off ceramic type surfaces• Applies as much colour as 8 standard coloured pencils

  • Chublets Crayons

    This unique formula make these crayons an ideal first crayon. Non-melt and hard to break, they give a excellent depth of colour, low flake and are long lasting.• Size: 60mm(l) x 9mm(dia.)• Pack of 12: 1 of each colour• Pack of 96: 8 of 12 colours

  • Plastic Crayons

    Long life shatter resistant crayon. Sharpens like a pencil.• 12 Assorted colours• Size: 120mm(l) x 7mm(dia.)

  • Chublets Crayons

    This unique formula make these crayons an ideal first crayon. Non-melt and hard to break, they give a excellent depth of colour, low flake and are long lasting.• Pack of 12: 1 of each colour• Pack of 96: 8 of 12 colours• Pack of 200: 25 of 8 colours

  • Metallic Crayons

    Chunky sticks ideal for taking rubbings of coins, brasses, leaves - any embossed surfaces in fact! Age: 3 years+.• 4 each of gold, silver and bronze• Size: 67mm(l) x 11mm(dia.)• Pack of 12

  • My First Crayons Classpack

    Large diameter crayons. Suitable for young children or those with special needs.• 24 different colour chunky crayons • Size: 68mm(l) x 14mm(dia.)• Box of 144

  • Budget Essentials Standard Wax Crayons

    A great value pack of wax crayons in vibrant colours. • Assorted colours

  • Budget Essentials Standard Wax Crayons

    A great value pack of wax crayons in vibrant colours. • Assorted colours

  • Crayola Crayons Classpack

    High quality crayons great for all ages.• Assorted colours• Size: 92mm(l) x 8mm(dia.)

  • Chubbi Stumps Crayons

    These wax crayons are specially shaped for small hands. • Non-toxic and hard to break• 8 Assorted colours• Size: 57mm(l) x 14mm(dia.)

  • Chubbi Eggs Crayons

    Made from a unique wax formula these shaped crayons enable toddlers to make their first marks without the frustration of a normal crayon. Age: 18 months+.• Assorted bright colours• Size: 48mm(l) x 45mm(dia.)

  • Conté Sketching Crayons

    Conté crayons are thinner and harder than traditional pastels, and are ideally suited to drawing and sketching as their hardness allows for a crisper more detailed drawing technique. The crayons have a 6mm x 6mm cross section and are slightly softer in texture than pencils.• Ideal for sketching…

  • Crayola Beginnings Jumbo Crayons

    …for children as young as one year old, these chunky crayons are easy to grip for young hands and are far less breakable than other crayons. Unwrapped for easy use, soft enough to blend with minimum flaking. Age: 12 months+.• 24 Assorted colours• Size: 60mm(l) x 13mm(dia.)• Pack of 24

  • Scola DI-Stix Crayons

    …can be drawn onto paper first. The benefit of this is that any mistakes can be just thrown away and started again. Also teaches reverse writing. The crayons in the pack do not truly reflect the finished colours as the heat from the iron brings out the colour.• Assorted colours• Pack of 10

  • Lyra Graphite Crayons

    Woodless graphite crayons ideal for spreading graphite shade quickly over paper or card. The chunky half length design gives an easy grip.• Pack of 12- grade 2B• Pot of 24- 8 each of 2B, 6B and 9B

  • Budget Essentials Jumbo Wax Crayons

    A great value pack of jumbo wax crayons in vibrant colours. Shaped for small hands to make their first marks and help develop fine motor skills with a smooth wax formulation for excellent colour lay down.• 12 assorted bright colours• Classpack of 144

  • Easy Grip Crayons

    These easy grip crayons are ideal forsmall hands to make marks with confidence. Great for creating strong, bold lines. Includes storage tub.• Assorted colours• Refill pack consists of 6 colours: red, yellow, blue, pink, green and black• Supplied in a tub with carry handle• Pack…

  • Consortium First Mark Wax Crayons

    Smooth wax crayon with even laydown of colour with minimum flaking. Easy to hold and hard to break. • Pack of 144• 12 bright colours• Size: 70mm(l) x 13mm(dia.)

  • Giotto Be-Be Super Wax Crayons

    Strong, jumbo crayons for very young children. Age: 2 years+.• Colours: 4 each of Yellow, Red, Green, Cyan Blue, Orange, Black, Brown, Pink, Ultramarine Blue and Violet• Washable and dermatologically tested • Size: 80mm(l) x 12mm(dia.)• Set includes 2 pencil sharpeners for…

  • Classpack of 288 Wax Crayons

    • Unwrapped for easy use by young hands• 76mm x 8mm(dia.)• Contains 24 x 12 colours• Pack of 288

  • Consortium Coloured Pencil Eraser

    Coloured plastic pencil erasers.• 5 colours; 4 each of orange, blue, green, yellow and pink• Non-marking• Pack of 20• Size: 62 x 20 x 11mm

  • Chalk and Crayon Classpack

    A money saving mixed pack of original chubbi stumps and chunki chalks.• Assorted colours• Size: 55mm(l) x 12mm(dia.)• Pack of 288, 144 of each type

  • Crayola Mini Kids Jumbo Colouring Pencils

    …small hands, Jumbo Pencils are perfect for young children to use for colouring and drawing. The larger size barrels allows children to grip the pencil more easily and are hard to break, plus each barrel is decorated with a fun animal design. Age: 12 months+.• Assorted colours• Pack of 8

  • Handi Holder

    …in organisation. • Portable and versatile storage unit with 6 removable triangular pots• Ideal for pencils, brushes, rulers and much more!• Available in bright colours or clear • Sturdy and wash proof• Size: 230mm(w) x 210mm(d) x 250mm(h)• Size of pots: each side…

  • Playground Rules Signs

    At an early stage, children begin learning important life skills - such as managing relationships with peers, teachers, family and friends; understanding emotions/feelings and developing social awareness. These products aim to support and promote such skills.• Signs are made from heavy-duty…

  • Staedtler Noris Colour Colouring Pencils

    Traditional hexagonal colouring pencils which won't roll off tables. • Easy to sharpen • High break-resistance• Ergonomic soft surface• Brilliant colours• 3 FREE sharpeners with the pack of 144• 6 FREE sharpeners with the pack of 288

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