Coloured Plastic Place Value Counters

  • Singapore Colours Place Value Counters

    place value counters for your etire class. Broaden your children's depth of place value knowledge. Secure their learning at 3 digits, with the 100s, 10s and 1s pack, then expand to include up to millions and down to three decimal points with the decimals, 1000s and above pack. • Made from plastic•

  • Coloured Plastic Place Value Counters

    …with place value. Counters range in value from 0.01 to 10000 and are a great way for children to practise their skills with numbers up to five digits as well as decimals.• Made from plastic• Size: 19mm(dia.)Contains:• Standard Set (990pk)• 90 x 10,000s Counters• 150 x 1,000s Counters

  • White Rose Maths Essentials Kit KS2

    …X Coloured Snap counting cubes (1000pk)• 3 X Two Colour Counters Red/Yellow (200pk)• 1 X Translucent Coloured Counters (1000pk)• 2 X Dry Wipe 0 -100 Bead umber Lines Pupil (6pk)• 1 X Place Value Counters Hundreds, Tens and Units (1125pk)• 1 X Plastic Ten Frame and 2 Colour

  • Two Colour Counters

    A versatile manipulative, ideal for exploring concepts of number. These double-sided counters are an easy way to teach addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, fractions, place value and algebra.• Made from plastic• Pack of 200• Size: 25mm(dia.)

  • Singapore Colours Plastic Snap Cubes

    …to develop a deeper understanding of number. Explore complex patterning and spatial relationships with these geometric shapes. Use alongside our base ten and place value counters, which incorporate the same colour scheme.• Made from plastic• Size: 20mm(h) x 20mm(w) x 20mm(l)• Pack of 1000

  • Year 3 And Year 4 Complete Maths Kit

    …the objectives. From place value to roman numerals, we have everything you need to give you a good base to build upon.Contains:• Colour counters• Double-sided desktop number lines - 1000• Interlocking base ten• Plastic cuisenaire rods• Place value counters - Group pack•…

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