Cotton Balls

  • Cotton Wool

    A bumper pack of non-sterile cotton wool balls.• Pack of 200

  • Sterile Cotton Balls

    Pack of 50 or a bumper pack of 200 sterile cotton wool balls.• Pack of 50, packed in 10 individual sterile packs of 5• Bumper pack of 200, packed in 40 individual sterile packs of 5

  • Sterile Cotton Balls

    Bumper pack of 200 sterile cotton wool balls.• Box of 40 packs - each individual pack contains 5 cotton balls

  • Cotton Wool

    Create snow effects by adding cotton wool to your festive display.• Available as balls or on a roll

  • Cotton String

    Cotton string balls. Use for wrapping, weaving, macrame, tying, model building or seasonal craft projects!• Sold singly

  • Coloured Craft Cotton

    Top quality craft cotton/acrylic mix yarn in 10 gloriously rich colours. Soft lustrous texture which is perfect for knitting, threading, creative crafts and textile projects.• 50g each• Pack of 10

  • Gilbert Zenon Training Rugby Balls

    …grip, 3-ply polycotton and cotton laminate training ball with a durable rubber surface. Ideal for schools, clubs and junior rugby.• Hydratec - technical fabrics and external waterproof laminations are combined to enhance the life and performance of balls• Conforms to all IRB specifications…

  • Rainbow Craft Cotton

    Craft cotton in 5 bright assorted rainbow colour mixes. Perfect for weaving, threading, sewing and much more.• Pack contains: 5 x 50g balls

  • Gilbert Omega Match Rugby Balls

    The Gilbert Omega Rugby Balls is a World Rugby approved ball suitable for club or school level rugby as well as for mini or junior rugby. • Standard grip• Truflight valve• 3 polycotton and cotton laminate• Functional rubber surface • Hand stitched • Available sizes 4…

  • Wooden Handles Skipping Rope

    Cotton rope with wooden handles. • Length: 2.35m • Sold singly

  • Playground Activity Bag

    …basics, perfect for a child to pick up and play. Ideal as a take-home bag for schools looking to encourage activity outside of school hours.•5 x Coloured Cones•1 x Cotton Skipping Rope•3 x Tennis Balls•5 x Cotton Bean Bags•1 x Plastic Frisbee•2 x Starter Bats"

  • Team Colours PE Packs

    …plastic skipping ropes• 6 x 450mm hoops• 6 x Junior plastic playbats• 12 x 90mm coated foam balls• 6 x plastic table tennis bats• 12 x 64mm gamester balls• 6 x rubber quoits• 12 x team bands• 6 x cotton bean bags• 25 x markers• Available in 4 colours

  • Mini Leader Kit

    …Quoits•1 x Plastic Batting Tee•1 x Stopwatch•6 x Floor Markers•3 x Size 5 Basketballs•1 x Foam Football•1 x Size 4 Rugby Ball•12 x Tennis Balls•1 x Plastic Cricket Bat Size 5•6 x Cotton skipping Ropes•1 x Giant Mesh Bag•1 x Playground Chalk"

  • Early Years Physical Development Kit

    …Dancing Scarves•6 x Catching Scarves•6 x Dancing Rings•6 x Holding Streamers•1 x 3.5m Parachute•4 x 3 in 1 Targets•5 x Cotton skipping Ropes Plain•1 x Jumbo Chalk•60 x Skimming Stars•36 x Pyramid Bean Bags•5 x Fruit character Bean Bags•6 x Bean…

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