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  • Cardboard Modelling Rolls

    These cardboard rolls are ideal for a range of craft projects.• Available in 3 sizes: 30mm(dia.) x 100mm(l), 36mm(dia.) x 150mm(l) and 40mm(dia.) x 200mm(l)• Pack of 75

  • Bumper Craft Basics Kit

    …kit, containing lots of craft basics. Ideal for all sorts of classroom creativity! Contains 1614 items in total.• 40 x egg boxes• 24 x recycled sturdy cardboard rolls• 300 x white paper plates• 250 x white paper doilies• 1000 x wooden craft lolly sticks• Suitable…

  • Extra Long Recycled Craft Roll Pack

    These extra-long craft rolls are perfect for all sorts of crafty classroom projects, from building rocket ships, castles, animals or even windmills! Made from sturdy recycled cardboard. Paint, colour or collage to create fun 3D models.• Larger size for bigger model making• Easy to cut,…

  • Craft Felt Rolls

    Excellent value craft felt rolls. They have a firm texture, making it ideal for a range of craft and sewing projects. • 10 Assorted colours• Size: 450mm x 5m• Pack of 10

  • Scalloped Corrugated Border Rolls

    …shaped corrugated border rolls to add an exciting finish to your displays. Can also be used in collage and craft projects e.g. festive crown making.• Mixed Colour Pack: 1 each of yellow, black, red, green and blue• Metallic Pack: 2 each of silver and gold• Size: 57mm(w) x 15m(l) roll

  • Metallic Paper Rolls

    These metallic rolls are coloured on one side and are ideal for crafts, decoration, displays and collage. • 60gsm• Colours: 2 each of gold, silver, red, green and blue• Size: 500mm(w) x 1.5m(l)• Pack of 10 rolls

  • Wooden Spools

    Explore, roll and create, these natural and highly tactile spools are the perfect base for making cute 3D characters. Made from tactile high quality wood.• Pack of 10• Dimensions: 50mm(h) x 48mm(d)• Suitable for 3+ years

  • Eyes on a Roll

    These self adhesives eyes are great for craft projects. • Black and white• 12mm dia.• Roll of 1000 eyes

  • Corrugated Card

    Long rolls of corrugated card, perfect for protection of goods or use in craft projects. • 75 metre roll• Available in 2 widths• Sold singly

  • Corrugated Paper

    Offering protection for goods in transit or use in craft projects. • Size: 650mm(w) x 5m(l) rolls• Sold singly

  • Coloured Eye Stickers

    A selection of coloured eye stickers that can be used for a range of Art and Craft activities. Use on paper or card, wooden spoons, wooden craft sticks, pom poms, polystyrene spheres etc. to enhance your craft creations.• Assorted designs• Roll of 2000 eyes

  • Black & White Eyes Adhesive Roll

    A selection of black and white eye stickers that can be used for a range of Art and Craft activities. Use on paper or card, wooden spoons, wooden craft sticks, pom poms, polystyrene spheres etc. to enhance your craft creations.• Assorted designs• Roll of 2000 eyes

  • Face & Feature Stickers Roll

    …that can be used for a range of Art and Craft activities. Use on paper or card, wooden spoons, wooden craft sticks, pom poms or polystyrene spheres to enhance your craft creations.• Assorted face feature designs (including, noses, eyes, eyebrows and eyelashes)• Roll of 1350 features

  • Gold and Silver Tissue Paper

    Metallic gold and silver tissue paper on a roll, ideal for festive crafts. • 12 sheets each of silver and gold tissue paper• Sheet size: 500mm x 700mm• Pack of 24 sheets

  • Brown Kraft Paper

    Brown recycled kraft paper, ideal for packaging, craft projects or wrapping. • 25m long• Sold singly

  • Transparent Iridescent Film

    This transparent film reflects light to produce a most impressive range of shimmering colours. It can be used for a vast range of craft ideas to represent ice, smoke and water in your displays.• Size: 914mm(w) x 3.8m(l) roll• Sold singly

  • Gathering Drum

    Celebrate, communicate and make a lot of noise with our Gathering Drum• 48 x Cardboard craft rolls• 100 x Card wheels• 30 x MES bulb holders• 50 x MES bulbs• 60 x Crocodile leads• 30 x Battery holders• 10 x Push switches• 10 x Toggle switches•10 x Slide…

  • Clear Stretch Beading Cord

    Thicker, stretchier and firmer than fishing line, this unique plastic stretchy cord is perfect for seed beads or any jewellery craft. • 1mm thick• Roll of 91m

  • Cellophane Paper Sheets

    Transparent coloured cellophane rolls can be used to create exciting art and craft activities such as: sun catchers and window art projects, handmade kaleidoscopes using simple materials such as cellophane rolls, mirrors, and some black paint.• Colours: 8 sheets each of blue, green, orange,…

  • Wooden Pebbles

    Beautifully crafted wooden pebbles that can be stacked, rolled and sorted. This open-ended resource will spark imagination and provide lots of possibilities for play. 20 pebbles (5 x 4.5cm, 5 x 6cm 5 x 8cm 5 x 15cm).• Pack of 20• Size: 5 x 45mm, 5 x 60mm 5 x 80mm 5 x 150mm

  • Pentel Roll'n Glue

    Perfect for craft work and art projects these have a plastic roller in the top of a squeezy bottle which helps provides an even application of glue. Ideal for use with paper and card.• Water-based formula• Safe and odourless• Refillable• 55ml bottles

  • Wooden Sparkle Nesting Rings

    …rings, each having a metallic, glittery insert for that extra sparkle and engagement. Children will love stacking, placing, rolling and nesting these delightfully crafted rings that ascend in size. There are three different colours of metallic inserted into the rims of these chunky cylinders to…

  • Transparent Star and Snow Cellophane

    Transparent foil rolls decorated with gold stars, silver stars and snow suitable for craft projects, collage, display or even gift wrapping.• Size: 700mm(w) x 2m(l) roll• Pack of 3 rolls

  • TTS Easy Access Art Station

    High quality art and craft station designed to keep resources tidy, organised and easily accessible. Creates the perfect transportable 'Maker Space'. Features: apron hooks, pot holders, storage shelves (up to A1), store string, tapes and rolls of paper on the removable bar. Short on space? The…

  • TTS Alice Sharp's Eco Build a World

    A beautifully crafted and collated collection of open-ended, environmentally conscious loose parts for a plethora of STEAM, construction, small world, inventive and imaginative play scenarios. The various pieces can be configured, placed and joined in different ways to create all kinds of locations,…

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