• Multiplication and Division Crunchers

    2, 5 and 10 Multiplication and Division Crunchers. A set of the ever popular maths bones featuring multiplication and division of the numbers 2, 5 and 10.• Size: 60mm x 210mm• Pack of 72

  • Multiplication Crunchers

    Times Tables Crunchers 2-12 Times Tables. Featuring from the two times tables up to the twelve times tables. • Size: 60mm x 210mm• Suitable for key stage 2• Pack of 132

  • Number Crunchers to 10

    Each cruncher is printed with a calculation and has a plastic slider which can be moved to conceal the result, the first or second part of the sum or even the symbol.• Pack of 100 crunchers

  • Number Crunchers to 20

    This simple to use and yet incredibly versatile set includes 100 large plastic crunchers with sliders to conceal any part of the addition and subtraction calculations to 20. This set does not include number bonds to 10.• Pack of 100 crunchers

  • Division Number Crunchers

    …use. These bone shaped crunchers are printed black on yellow for optimum visual clarity. Slide the question mark over to conceal part of a sum, symbol or sequence etc. Each cruncher in the pack is different! A product that can be used time and time again! Division Crunchers; 2 divided by ? = 10 OR ?…

  • Times Table Number Crunchers

    2 x ? = 20 or ? x 10 = 20 or 2 x 10 = ? you decide! Bone shapes printed black and yellow for optimum visual clarity, with a special plastic slider that conceals any one part of the tables at a time.Each set contains:• Times tables from 1 x 0 = 0 to 10 x 10 = 100• Pack of 100• Size:…

  • 3 Digit Addition Crunchers

    A set of the ever popular maths bones featuring 3 digit calculations. • 60mm x 210mm• Suitable for Key Stage 1• Pack of 50

  • Multiplication Class Pack

    …of teachers in line with the National Curriculum as well as being fun and engaging for the children. Kit contains: • 132 x Times Table Crunchers• 132 x Double Sided Multiplication Magnets• 30 x Table Turners • 30 x Times Tables Boards • 1 x Teacher Table Board• 1 x…

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