Cuisenaire Rods

  • Cuisenaire® Classroom Multi-Pack

    …numeracy resource set from Learning Resources has enough rods for 12-18 individuals to use together. Rods come in ten different sizes from 1cm to 10cm and feature ten different colours. Each colour represents a different length. Cuisenaire Rods can be used to reinforce a variety of maths skills such…

  • Cuisenaire® Rods Small Group Set

    These great value sets include enough colourful rods for small group or whole class use! Rods come in ten different sizes and colours and each colour represents a different rod length that can be assigned a different numeric value or unit of measure. Used to reinforce addition and subtraction,…

  • Cuisenaire® Plastic Connecting Intro Set

    Rods are perfect for reinforcing a variety of maths skills such as addition & subtraction, multiplication & division, fractions & decimals, patterns, algebra, probability & statistics, geometry and measurement.These interlocking rods can be joined at either end. Includes ten different Cuisenaire Rod

  • Year 3 And Year 4 Complete Maths Kit

    …to build upon.Contains:• Colour counters• Double-sided desktop number lines - 1000• Interlocking base ten• Plastic cuisenaire rods• Place value counters - Group pack• 144 Foam grid• 6 x Multiplication squares 12 x 12 child's• Spot dice• Mini relational…

  • Cuisenaire® Rods

    …set of Cuisenaire Rods can be used to reinforce a variety of numeracy skills; Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Fractions, Decimals, Patterns, Algebra, Probability, Statistics, Geometry and Measurement. The set contains ten different lengths of Cuisenaire Rods, each length…

  • Cuisenaire® Magnetic Demo Set

    Cuisenaire Rods Demonstration Set! This oversized colourful set is ideal for reinforcing a variety of numeracy skills including addition, subtraction, fractions and statistics. Wipe-clean pieces can be labelled with wet- or dry- marker. Front of class set includes 64 colour coordinated Cuisenaire

  • Cuisenaire® Jr Ants on a Log

    Provide a colourful and fun introduction to Cuisenaire Rods with these friendly ants, while introducing numeracy skills! Rods feature a digit on a leaf one side and the corresponding number of ants on the other. Chunky, soft material is ideal for young learners and allows for quiet use. Covers…

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