• Wooden People of the World

    Help children develop their knowledge and understanding of a variety of cultures with this brightly coloured set of people from around the world. The characters are dressed in traditional clothing. Each figure is made from tropical hardwood and is hand painted. Age: 3 years+.• Doll height:…

  • Multicultural Heads and Hands

    Ideal for identity projects, festivals and promote discussion about cultures, religions and multicultural awareness.• Contains: 36 pre-cut heads and 72 hands to depict expressions and emotions• Size of Hands: 100mm x 100mm • Size of Heads: 120mm x 133mm• Pack of 108

  • I am Unique Poster Pack

    A fantastic set of 20 A4 laminated posters each with the positive statement 'I Am Unique'. This pack contains positive images of children with various disabilities and from different cultures. Helps children investigate and understand our differences.• Size: A4• Set of 20

  • Multicultural Bolder Borders

    The perfect finish to any culturally diverse display, these border packs contain 11 x 1m long strips.• Pack of 4: People of the World, Respect, World Welcome and Trend Kids•Total of 44 strips per pack

  • Jumbo Skin Tone Crayons

    Specially developed to promote cultural understanding. The crayons can be used individually or blended together to make a variety of skin colours. Age: 3 years+.• 8 assorted colours• Pack of 8

  • Children Around the World Mat

    …circular carpet accurately depicting children from around the world. Each child is illustrated to engage discussion into ethnicity, develop cultural and religious awareness and to help with identification. Ideal group learning aid to introductory multicultural studies.• High quality and…

  • Wooden People with Disabilities

    Ideal for helping children to develop their knowledge and understanding through discussion of differing abilities across a range of ages and cultures. The detailed figures will help children appreciate and understand each disability. Hand painted set made from tropical hardwood. Age: 3 years+.•…

  • Multicultural Percussion Basket

    This basket provides an excellent classroom resource with instruments from many parts of the world. Contains:• African wooden Bead Shekere • African small Shekere• African double Cane Shaker• African small straw Caxaxi• African Nut Shell Shaker• Chilean Rainstick…

  • Multi-Cultural World Mat

    This large mat shows a picture of the world, surrounded by images of people from different cultures. Great for story time or discussing children's knowledge and understanding of the world.• Suitable for surface shampooing• Slip resistant backing• Size: 2000mm(dia.)

  • Small Multicultural Percussion Basket

    This basket contains instruments from many parts of the world.Contains:• 1 x Shekere• 1 x Monkey Drum• 1 x Grasshopper Rasp• 1 x Hexagon Shaker• 1 x Talking Shaker• 1 x Cane Basket Shaker• 1 x Thunder Tube• 1 x pair of Claves• 1 x Shaker/Guiro• Cane…

  • Gold Fabric Pack

    A fantastic selection of gold and metallic fabrics with a variety of textures, surfaces and finishes. Perfect to add a little sparkle and shine to your displays, themed projects and cultural and festival celebrations.• Size: 1m• Pack of 5

  • Silver Fabric Pack

    A fantastic selection of silver and metallic fabrics with a variety of textures, surfaces and finishes. Perfect to add a little sparkle and shine to your displays, themed projects and cultural and festival celebrations.• Size: 1m• Pack of 5

  • Collins Easy Learning French Dictionary

    …entries cover everyday language and key curriculum words are highlighted. Clear and concise language notes provide information on common grammatical errors and confusable words, while handy notes explain cultural differences. Age: 14-16 years+.• Paperback, 688 pages• Size: 197mm x 130mm

  • Collins Easy Learning German Dictionary

    …vocabulary areas. The entries cover everyday language and key curriculum words are highlighted. Clear and concise language notes provide information on common grammatical errors and confusable words, while handy notes explain cultural differences.• Paperback, 688 pages• Size: 197mm x 130mm

  • Good Sense Breakdown Carpet Cleaner

    Biological based odour neutraliser.• The dual action of cleaning detergents and bacteria culture breaks down organic material• Wide variety of applications including removal of stubborn odours from carpets• Pleasant ONT fragrance• 2 x 5 litres

  • BioSoak Biological Soak & Wash

    …fermentation extracts and natural bacterial cultures. The precise combination of ingredients achieves powerful cleaning results without the need for solvents. The fermentation extracts attack and break down all organic soiling whilst the bacterial cultures deep-clean even the hardest to reach…

  • Multicultural Welcome Carpet

    This highly visual carpet shows children from different cultures and the word “welcome” in multiple languages. A durable carpet with anti-slip backing ideal for both the entrance or the classroom.• Durable loop pile• Bound edges to prevent fraying• High quality pile with a soft…

  • Multicultural Lanterns

    A fun and innovative way of introducing children to a selection of festivals from different religions and cultures around the world. A rewarding activity combining colouring, cutting and weaving with a range of decorative media to embellish these spectacular lantern characters.• Ideal for…

  • LEGO® Community Minifigure Set

    Let children explore their world through the people that make a community function. They will construct characters representing different roles, professions and cultures while role-playing and playing fun games using the included game cards. Age: 4 years+.• Set of 256 pieces

  • Derwent Academy Watercolour Skintone Pencils

    These Watercolour Skintone pencils have been specially selected to provide a complete range for drawing and painting people from different cultures. • Tin of 12 pencils

  • Vikings Poster Set

    A set of two A1 Viking posters filled with facts, illustrations, real photographs and maps. Includes information on Viking culture, battles, explorations and settlements. A1. Made from laminated paper.

  • LEGO® DUPLO® World People Set

    …Set is a powerful tool which encourages discussions about respecting similarities and differences among people. The set invites children to role play with four different families and opens their minds to exploring cultures, gender, age and family relationships. Age: 2 years+.• Set of 16 pieces

  • Families and Friends Wooden Character Set

    Create your own community with this bumper set of wooden figures. Featuring a variety of ages and cultures, and including people with disabilities, this inclusive collection enables children to recreate and explore endless real life situations and develop an understanding of the world around them.…

  • Ancient Egypt Poster Set

    Covering the "Life and Culture" and "Royalty and Beliefs" of the Ancient Egyptians, these posters are packed with information, maps and images to enhance your topic on their own or as part of your classroom display.• Size: A1• Pack of 2

  • Bulk Play Food Set

    A 93 piece collection of realistic, durable role play food. Includes a broad range of food items from different world cultures. The next best thing to real food! Crates and plates not included. Age: 10 months+.• Made from plastic• Pack of 93

  • Wooden Community People Blocks

    A set of chunky wooden picture blocks, colour printed on both sides with images of adults and children representing a variety of ages, professions, cultures, religions and disabilities Age: 12 months +• Set of 32 blocks including 24 adults and 8 children• Size: Adult 125mm Child 80 - 90mm

  • Vtech Magic Adventures Globe

    …with the Magic Adventures Globe™. Using the stylus, children can tap on the 10" interactive learning globe and experience new places, languages, cultures, animals, geography, habitats and more through high-quality BBC videos. Age: 3 years+•2.7" integrated video screen•5 hours of video…

  • Let's Explore the UK - Photopack

    …a satellite map, weather map and a map locating the UK within Europe), photographs of the capital cities, a look at landmarks, landscapes and culture. The photographs, along with the accompanying booklet of activities and notes, provide an engaging introduction to the geographical study of the…

  • Egyptian Archaeo-Box

    …into Howard Carter's shoes and unearth the treasures of Ancient Egypt. Full of replica artefacts to explore all aspects of this fascinating ancient culture. Great for investigating evidence, historical enquiry, role play and more!• Suitable for 7 to 11 yearsContains:• 1 x Spinning Top• 1 x…

  • Central American Time Capsule

    Uncover Aztec artefacts to reveal much more about this lost culture. Pack includes a range of authentic artefacts, some ideal for History Mystery Bags, others great for general discussion or research but all will engage and inspire. Contents may vary.Contains:• 1 x Pottery Mask• 1 x…

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