• decopatch® Mosaic Paper Classpack

    …but yet strong and flexible paper is ideal for creating contrasting areas and features of a design, or just for a child to choose their favourite colour. decopatch® papers are tough and glazed. The paper tears easily in both directions saving time, and applies easily to almost any surface.

  • decopatch® Decorating Classpack

    A great starter pack for decopatch® decorating. • 10 sheets in assorted designs• Sheet size: 300mm x 400mm• 10 x decopatch® Glossy Glue• 10 x Hog Bristle Brushes

  • decopatch® Hog Bristle Brushes

    Small handled brush for use with decopatch®. It has the perfect combination of bristle length, stiffness and softer tips.

  • decopatch® Glossy Glue

    decopatch® Glossy Glue is specially formulated with varnish and does not cause the paper to 'crinkle' or 'pull in' when drying.

  • decopatch® Advent Calendar Chest of Drawers

    The 25 small drawers and holder can all be individually decorated and numbered to create your very own unique advent calendar. Each drawer is approx. 50mm x 50mm x 50mm, and once decorated can be adorned with the optional 3D domed number stickers.

  • decopatch® Christmas Decorations

    Each of these festive decopatch® designs is made from strong solid maché making them robust as well as stable, and is supplied with a convenient hanging cord. Ideal as an individual craft project to decorate in class and take home in time to adorn the family tree.• Size bauble: 65mm dia.…

  • decopatch® Reindeer

    Perfect for a festive classroom or a Santa's grotto at your school Christmas fair. This Reindeer requires self-assembly to get ready to decorate, simply attach the legs and antlers by inserting into the correct holes and fixing in place with the brown kraft paper provided over the joints and a layer…

  • decopatch® Paper Maché Frames

    Hanging picture frames with a heart or square shaped aperture. An ideal individual creative project, perfect for that Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or festive take home gift.

  • decopatch® 2.4m High Tree

    This substantial tree is an ideal classroom project that has a multitude of uses once decorated. The tree is conveniently supplied in sections that easily mount together to create the stable large structure. Children will love decorating the tree, then using as a sensory, mood, display or story…

  • decopatch® Paper Maché Bird Houses

    A fun set of four bird houses that help understand British birdlife and a sure sign of spring time. The generous size and striking design will look great when decorated in virtually any paper. Each bird house has a cord for hanging once completed.

  • decopatch® Festive Papers

    A seasonal selection of festive decopatch® papers. The paper is lightweight, strong and flexible which makes it especially easy to use. It is deep dyed and glazed which means it will not tear apart when glued and the colours don't fade or run. • 6 individual festive designs• Size:…

  • decopatch® Paper Pack

    A versatile range of decopatch® papers that can be used for covering mache items, wood, glass, crockery, metal etc. The paper is thin, strong, bleed free and tears simply into patches to make decorating a fun and simple process.

  • decopatch® Totem Pole

    A five tier totem pole where each tier has its own lid and therefore doubles as a storage box. Each section can nest one inside each other for compact storage, yet reaches 1.9m when assembled. An ideal class activity as each section, lid or feature such as the beaks can be divided into work groups.…

  • decopatch® Paper Maché Frames

    Hanging picture frames with a heart or square shaped aperture. An ideal individual creative project, perfect for that Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or festive take home gift.• Size: 80mm x 80mm• Pack of 5

  • Paper Mache Cones

    An assortment of paper mache cones, ideal for creating festive decorations such as Christmas trees and Angels.• Size: ranges from 40mm(h) to 200mm(h)• Pack of 50

  • Paper Mache Roe Deer

    This paper mache roe deer is ideal for decorating and bringing your festive displays to life.• Size: 225mm(h)• Sold singly

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