Demonstration Clock

  • 12 Hour Demonstration Clock

    Demonstrate time-telling concepts while students follow along on their Student Clocks (043444), sold separately. Features colour-coding that helps students focus on time making it easier to differentiate between hours and minutes. Features built-in stands, and activity guide. Measures. Age: 3…

  • Primary Time Teacher™ 24 Hour Learning Clock®

    …hour hand, this demonstration clock is geared so that the hands move in accurate increments. This teaching clock will develop an understanding of analogue time telling with the clock face but also features a window showing the corresponding digital time and AM or PM.• Clock measures 390mm(h)

  • Teacher & Student Card Clocks

    …shows ’12 and 24 hour time’. Can be used to demonstrate setting the time on the clock face and writing the time underneath.• Teacher card size: 320mm x 390mm x 10mm• Student card size: 150mm x 200mm x 100mm• Teacher Clock Card sold singly• Student Clock Card sold as pack of 10

  • Roman Numeral Snap

    …snap game which supports children’s learning of Roman Numerals in a fun way. The cards cover I (1) to M (1,000) and demonstrate to children where they might find Roman Numerals still being used; clock faces, the names of Kings and Queens and there are also some sums to provide an extra challenge.

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